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Answer: Jensen
Answer: My babe!!
Answer: my happy Robsten back in 2010.I wish they could be...
Answer: Justin
Answer: Benny boo
Answer: not bad xD
Answer: Andy
Answer: my handsome baby thinking...about me<3
Answer: he totally does xD
Answer: Boy George - he has a Bowie tattoo on his arm *_*
Answer: starts 0:20
Answer: Conchy aka Tom
Answer: Jb
Answer: Derek Hough.
Answer: toi can't really see my handsome baby because of th...
Answer: Gary!
Answer: my bearded British babe<3
Answer: purple Lutz<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: my sexy babe in a red t-shirt<3
Answer: Chris Pine!
Answer: Jamie with a light background<3
Answer: Ian's From imdb when he was younger <3
Answer: here toi go:)
Answer: Bowie going through his eras in the Vittel spot
Answer: Zack... *-*
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Matt looking sweet and cute<3
Answer: Leo with spiky hair<3
Answer: Jake<3
Answer: WOW
Answer: Jensen Ackles!! Hot!!!! <33333
Answer: Jack
Answer: Gareth David-Lloyd
Answer: my sexy Robert with a mostly black background<3
Answer: Brandon,the beautiful<3
Answer: Zack ♥
Answer: Chris Pine in black<3
Answer: Tom Cruise
Answer: John travelling to Scotland on Sunday :)
Answer: Lucas Medeiros
Answer: I find this cute <3
Answer: with the way the light hits his ear,it looks red<3
Answer: Jamie running in the rain<3
Answer: absolutely flawless to me
Answer: Ryan Sheckler.
Answer: Hemsworth the Huntsman in SWATH<3
Answer: JB
Answer: Zane Holtz
Answer: Taylorr
Answer: bowbow
Answer: how about Bowie as a baby <3 so sweet xD (singing...
Answer: J2 and Steve Carlson Easter 2016
Answer: Jamie wearing a jumper<3
Answer: BC
Answer: Dean Geyer!
Answer: slow burn
Answer: the Cult cast
Answer: My eastenders hunk!
Answer: my Robert's I know what toi mean face<3
Answer: Selena Gomez!
Answer: Jonny Weston
Answer: Nick Bateman's hot abs<3
Answer: Lucas Medeiros
Answer: WOW!
Answer: Hayden Christensen,who plays the future Darth Vader...
Answer: my sexy baby sitting on a tiled bathroom floor for...
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch.
Answer: my growling British tigerrrrrrrrrrr<3
Answer: Mr. Pine :D
Answer: Garrett Hedlund!
Answer: red hot Scott<3
Answer: so hot it's on fire<3
Answer: Grant!
Answer: Rob playing Prison Break Conspiracy
Answer: Jamie Dornan through a car window,from 50 SOG<3
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch.
Answer: Mitch Hewer.
Answer: John Barrowman! Hes presented for - This Morni...
Answer: Andrew Morley.
Answer: Kellan in a black shirt<3
Answer: Scott Clifton
Answer: Robert's sexy,messy lit hair<3
Answer: <<33
Answer: David
Answer: Taylor in a cardigan<3
Answer: Grey Damon wearing a hat<3
Answer: Hemsworth in HD<3
Answer: Andrew Hayden Smith.
Answer: Dom
Answer: Colton Haynes.
Answer: Scott Clifton
Answer: well, Bowser is plus often on a stage
Answer: Justin.
Answer: bowwww
Answer: Reality <3
Answer: *________*
Answer: I l’amour all his Japon concerts <3
Answer: here's my baby's co-star,Taylor Lautner jumping ove...
Answer: Jamie looking sexy in glasses<3