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Answer: Toby Stephens
Answer: Dean Geyer <3
Answer: Adidas model Andrew Cooper
Answer: one of Chris's sexy hands<3
Answer: my gorgeous babe looking down<3
Answer: loooooooooooooove DB
Answer: ....
Answer: DB<3
Answer: Travis van Winkle
Answer: Awesome!
Answer: Dylan Sprayberry.
Answer: my sexy,scruffy baby with a grey background<3
Answer: Jensen♥
Answer: Todd Lasance.
Answer: Matthew with a fan :)
Answer: Stephen Amell.
Answer: Theo<3
Answer: please stop trying to kill me with those eyes<3
Answer: Nico Tortorella
Answer: my sexy British baby<3
Answer: Taylor getting dog kisses...awwww<3
Answer: Gabe Mann's behind
Answer: Rob in MugShot. The whole movie he is captured some...
Answer: too lazy to chercher . everyone touching Rob
Answer: Sean Maguire
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: Henry Cavill.
Answer: What is my baby doing on Matt Davis' phone?
Answer: David Tennant.
Answer: David B<3
Answer: Tay and Marie
Answer: he looks so amazing in that interview
Answer: Hot *_*
Answer: Bernardo Velasco!
Answer: Gaybe
Answer: here is my Robert wearing a striped polo chemise at t...
Answer: John with a willy..sorry meant willa in his hands ;...
Answer: Bowie!
Answer: Robert,my l’amour for toi is FOREVER<3
Answer: Bowser
Answer: Cillian,Benny and Tom with blue eyes<3
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: Ville Valo
Answer: my handsome Robert looking at the camera,while the...
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Gaby
Answer: all the time
Answer: michael fjordbak
Answer: RDJ with STARK ECPO behind him!
Answer: CH!
Answer: Derek Theler selfie <3
Answer: Austin
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin <3
Answer: Adam Senn
Answer: baby Craig - perhaps he Lost a bet :D
Answer: Jensen
Answer: DAVID ROBERT JONES <33333333333333
Answer: GGao
Answer: well, always
Answer: DT
Answer: Here♥
Answer: Baby Matt<3
Answer: River Phoenix + guitare
Answer: John in a hardware store :)
Answer: <3
Answer: John & Scott!
Answer: Gabriel is le super stunner
Answer: Andrew!
Answer: Garrett Hedlund<33
Answer: Didier Cohen!
Answer: Jamie looking hot in a hat<3
Answer: Poor Oliver in a still from "Hostage" :((( believe...
Answer: my majesty <3
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: my luv
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: charming!!
Answer: mine
Answer: Eddie on a stage<3
Answer: neat Jared
Answer: John ;)
Answer: a sexy Rob manip with a gun<3
Answer: Gabe Bond xD
Answer: the Thin white duke
Answer: carnival <33
Answer: Matthew wearing his casquette, cap backwards and looking yummy...
Answer: Beau and Luke Brooks!
Answer: Matt in the récent issue of "Details Magazine" <333...
Answer: Jamie in jeans<3
Answer: that was little Lexi baby <3
Answer: Downey
Answer: here's my baby vamping it up with fake vampire fang...
Answer: Bowie <333
Answer: Aidan
Answer: Rufus holding a fraise =3
Answer: Connor Paolo
Answer: :)
Answer: my l’amour