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Answer: elfin
Answer: does this count :)
Answer: cuz he's such an awesome dancer
Answer: Stephen Lunsford! as Matt Daehler
Answer: my godddddddd
Answer: with an pomme again...
Answer: Matt getting ready for a night on the town (photosh...
Answer: Jensen with some sun shining on his face
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio My fav magazine cover with him...
Answer: Benedict is a tall hotty.
Answer: aww melting
Answer: This is a pic of Robert Pattinson,in a scene from R...
Answer: quint
Answer: Renner Babe!
Answer: *sighs*
Answer: Jensen the sexy model :)
Answer: Matt in Magic Mike <33333
Answer: <3
Answer: I warm up toi babe ♥
Answer: This way ou no way toi know I'll be free
Answer: MDR
Answer: John Barrowman
Answer: <3
Answer: John B *_*
Answer: Aidan Gillen from the side
Answer: Taylor even though he's not as muscular now
Answer: Aidan <3333333333
Answer: Jb
Answer: David Tennant :)
Answer: Jodi torturing Teddy, which makes him soooo horny
Answer: DB! <3
Answer: my Bowie Del Rey éditer
Answer: 40-year old Rob !! <333
Answer: Jensen l’amour his style
Answer: hehehehe
Answer: DB - This is not america
Answer: Ansel wearing a red coat<3
Answer: Guessing
Answer: professor Jones
Answer: Tom Felton<3
Answer: Hugh jackman looking adorable<3
Answer: Gabe
Answer: As XxFUMMxX said, it would be porn if Rob wore tigh...
Answer: Qunito
Answer: got a similar one
Answer: Q
Answer: in the winter :))
Answer: here is Kristen Stewart and my baby from their hand...
Answer: Freddie :)
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: after-training-downey! :D wow wanna totally bite hi...
Answer: Clips from one of my fave tv shows (Reign) set to o...
Answer: Taylor's GQ photoshoot in black&white<3
Answer: Derek Theler looking incredibly sexy!
Answer: Ben Barnes<3
Answer: angry Angel
Answer: Jamie<3
Answer: cool Jared pic
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz wearing a towel<3
Answer: Mark
Answer: Ian Somerhalder <3
Answer: always
Answer: that was a creepy scene
Answer: Looking like he could do Marie...well, and plus tha...
Answer: can toi handle this much hotness?I sure can't<3
Answer: Babe
Answer: little Mann
Answer: Pierce Brosnan <3
Answer: Jared,the sexy rocker in black<3
Answer: Jensen<3
Answer: with ladies...
Answer: 1)earplugs (cuz Rob talks way too much, I couldnt t...
Answer: S.H. premiere :))
Answer: my baby with 2 of his co-stars Kristen and Ashley i...
Answer: BOWIEEEE hair *_*
Answer: pretty fingers XD
Answer: How's this? :)
Answer: Kellan in b&w<3
Answer: John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd!
Answer: Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: too many pics MDR
Answer: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Answer: like thst fleur on the tie *-*
Answer: Kevin Zegers
Answer: My Robert wearing jeans.He kind of reminds me of Ja...
Answer: my Bobby with his beautiful children ♥♥♥
Answer: Stephen Amell!
Answer: Orlando as Balian <3
Answer: his hands are my fetish... ♥
Answer: IM3 trailer enyoing some secondes of Robert-eye-cont...
Answer: l’amour the pic *-*
Answer: the most beautiful David
Answer: Matt Bomer with money in his hands :)
Answer: lovely eyes
Answer: Baby<3
Answer: Bowieback
Answer: my tiny nip man
Answer: Dan
Answer: WTF?! xD
Answer: Pine