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Answer: CJH
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. :)
Answer: Its raining feu
Answer: they are amazing
Answer: <3
Answer: l’amour that one :}
Answer: my yummylicious Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: my l’amour <3
Answer: he's even plus gorgeous close up<3
Answer: my desktop, with weather widget and all...
Answer: need to see that movie. cuz I l’amour Eliza too
Answer: Chris doing an outdoor photoshoot<3
Answer: Tom Felton's jaw<3
Answer: my handsome babe wearing a funny shirt<3
Answer: spiky Jar
Answer: Chris Pine<3
Answer: Jamies very attractive!
Answer: Chris looking so hot in a black leather jacket<3
Answer: Tom Mison & Nicole Beharie <3
Answer: XD SH AGOS
Answer: Hayden Christensen<3
Answer: have to, once in a while Xd
Answer: Biersack!!
Answer: there's no one left...
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: JB!
Answer: he is about to take them off :)
Answer: Ryaan Sheckklerrr
Answer: the Biebster from his Boyfriend video<3
Answer: here is a scene of my baby from WFE,with Marlena(Re...
Answer: yep, Bowie
Answer: Ian Somerhalder with a dog
Answer: Hugh Laurie as House holding a lollipop
Answer: Derek Hough!
Answer: Here is mine...it's Robert Pattinson.He is drinking...
Answer: silly Rob
Answer: Ian Somerhalder ^_^
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin MTV! <3
Answer: hihi ma boy XD
Answer: Tom, sweet Tom <3
Answer: Stan *_*
Answer: Chris Pine<3
Answer: rK
Answer: Matt Bomer - Neal Caffrey
Answer: here is my Hair-God *-*
Answer: yummy David! <3
Answer: Younger Sheckler.
Answer: my baby with a plain background<3
Answer: Bowie <333
Answer: Josh Hutcherson wearing red <3
Answer: Justin!
Answer: goody,yummy ear Candy for me to suck on<3
Answer: flawless Knepper teeth of course
Answer: Two is plus than enough of my beautiful rob
Answer: my sexy baby from a photoshoot from above<3
Answer: outta my way ladies...those lips are mine<3
Answer: my handsome Robert in a scene from Breaking Dawn pa...
Answer: Taylor with spiky hair<3
Answer: as if he's at the dentist haha
Answer: Jb
Answer: teddy ours
Answer: from any angle he's smoking hot<3
Answer: my sexy American babe in black leather<3
Answer: my sexy angry vampire<3
Answer: my sexy Angel in a white tank and white Angel wings...
Answer: two lovely men! :3
Answer: Hugh Jackman
Answer: ♥♥♥ cœur, coeur robber
Answer: Rob doing a play in London's theater
Answer: Nick Bateman!
Answer: Bowie priest
Answer: Bowser
Answer: my sexy Robert looking slightly away from the camer...
Answer: sundown Jared
Answer: My favourite man<3
Answer: Adam Levine!
Answer: Robert looking at Kristen.How I wish he's look at m...
Answer: Jared
Answer: here is a pic I haven't posté yet of my Robert,lyi...
Answer: very adorable... ♥
Answer: JUMP!
Answer: easssy
Answer: John!
Answer: hehehe...
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: I would wash my clothes forever!
Answer: Sheckyy
Answer: Gwack!
Answer: my handsome doctor with very short hair<3
Answer: my master
Answer: Cam is so hot,he's on fire<3
Answer: with blue sky
Answer: Perfect Balls.
Answer: Torchwood bloopers My favourite was either 1:42...
Answer: Luke the sexy cowboy looking away<3
Answer: Baby! <3
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: holy sh*t - look at that hot bad boy! *-* I mean no...
Answer: RJ Mitte
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz...tanned,buff and HOT!!...