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Answer: Garrett Hedlund!
Answer: Michael
Answer: I wonder what he's thinking about...because I sure...
Answer: Jamie in stripes<3
Answer: Chris with his hair pulled back<3
Answer: Chris Waltz
Answer: This picture of Zac is so cool!
Answer: stupid f***ing watermarks!!!They're covering up Rob...
Answer: A semi dark and sexy pic of my boy <3
Answer: my new handsome hottie,Theo<3
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Matt as a sexy-as-hell urban cowboy in a photoshoot...
Answer: Jake Cassar
Answer: Justin.
Answer: my sweetie at the Comic Con 2010 Smallville panel,...
Answer: I l’amour how Matt combines dressy and casual together...
Answer: that silly childish smile of his
Answer: Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow Just like fine wi...
Answer: "Charlie Boy" par The Lumineers makes me think of To...
Answer: Zac Efron!
Answer: Leto
Answer: Davie
Answer: my hottie, from a photoshoot some years il y a <3333
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: Julian Gil.
Answer: my stunning sexy baby<3
Answer: my alien boy
Answer: hmm Teddy
Answer: John!
Answer: :D
Answer: my cheekboner
Answer: *sighs* my Teddy
Answer: Paul in red swim trunks<3
Answer: John!
Answer: l’amour Jared's style
Answer: Yummy lips of Matthew <3333333
Answer: I could watch this forever
Answer: horniness
Answer: my dear l’amour ♥
Answer: John B♥
Answer: l’amour the style of the BOB :)
Answer: my sexy baby looking up<3
Answer: Scott looking to the left<3
Answer: Selfie socks!
Answer: Tom Mison <3
Answer: ..........
Answer: Matthew with a nice cute smile <3333333
Answer: haha oh sweet downey being jalous of Tony xP
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: Davie baby
Answer: Except of Knepper fans and boytoy_84 everyone finds...
Answer: fixing his baby :)
Answer: LOKI'D! TH
Answer: CJH!
Answer: Milo Ventimiglia wearing a suit <3
Answer: Kev Zegers
Answer: I l’amour this! ♥
Answer: GOD and he knows it even Gary Oldman is praying to...
Answer: Bobby
Answer: Matthew with spiky hair. :)
Answer: Hugh<3
Answer: ❤❤❤
Answer: RDJ!
Answer: l’amour Kneppy-brows
Answer: Gabriel!!!
Answer: one of my fave scenes from Eclipse,with my fave lin...
Answer: Leto Bones
Answer: sweet brownie ♥
Answer: Alex with shadows on his veste
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Simon Baker lying in a swimming pool <3
Answer: Nico's style <3
Answer: Brant Daugherty <3
Answer: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe for Hanna:)
Answer: Jamie touching his face<3
Answer: my handsome Robert on a New Moon movie cover poster...
Answer: Henry in a red hot car<3
Answer: Bow
Answer: Billy hair <333333333
Answer: <3
Answer: D
Answer: Taylor x
Answer: Colton!<3
Answer: James Dean *_*
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: my sexy Robert with his hand behind his head<3
Answer: Robert and Kristen...would toi 2 plz get back toget...
Answer: Joey's arm around Matthew. <333
Answer: Imavid <3
Answer: Ben
Answer: Knepper duh! XD MDR I guess Dicaprio and Bale are...
Answer: my sexy,gorgeous red hot Rob Pattinson<3
Answer: NB in b&w<3
Answer: Matthew with a cookie <333333
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: :D
Answer: Chris Zylka!
Answer: Paul Walker,an Angel while he was here on Earth,now...
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Misha!