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Answer: Rob Wilson
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: Grant<3
Answer: Jagger
Answer: hottie Mark
Answer: Jb
Answer: Godfrey
Answer: Billy Zane <3
Answer: He stands out
Answer: Hrithik Roshan
Answer: my absolute fave couple EVER<3
Answer: Chris Pratt
Answer: Aww my pouter!
Answer: enchanting smile <3
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: this babe
Answer: Jack falahee
Answer: oh Nolan xD
Answer: My 2nd Canadian Hotty!
Answer: Chord :D
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: Tony and Sarah Fisher
Answer: l’amour his eyes
Answer: J.B!
Answer: rare DB <3
Answer: Andy Biersack
Answer: Bow
Answer: Jack falahee
Answer: Dan Stevens <3
Answer: Colton striking a pose<3
Answer: Xavier!
Answer: Cory Baby<3
Answer: Jon Kortajarena<3
Answer: lean sexy Bowmuscles
Answer: Gareth David-Lloyd!
Answer: Jake Miller
Answer: Richard!
Answer: Ansel , whose also 20
Answer: <3
Answer: <3
Answer: Downey, Hiddleston and Law - all three are smiking...
Answer: Benedict!
Answer: Aidan Turner
Answer: DAN Stevens
Answer: my British god
Answer: Matthew in The Comebacks. :)
Answer: John in black :)
Answer: evil and sexy
Answer: ok,what is in the water that makes British guys soo...
Answer: Lucky!
Answer: Bowie as my fav alien
Answer: John barrowman doing sit ups ;)
Answer: I photohshopped it grey, but now it's fine
Answer: Booboo Stewart<3
Answer: Lee Pace
Answer: I don't know which is sweeter..Kellan ou the bowl o...
Answer: Z.E.
Answer: Chord Overstreet.
Answer: Cillian Murphy
Answer: My Angel <3333333333
Answer: Stephen Amell.
Answer: Bowie god
Answer: Cam G with a gorgeous smile<3
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: Bill
Answer: don't worry,baby,I'll make toi feel better<3
Answer: Zac
Answer: Jamie looking down<3
Answer: sorry, l’amour classic rock and with that: good night...
Answer: Cam wearing a veste I would totally wear<3
Answer: Zac Efron s’embrasser Vanessa Hudgens.
Answer: sexy Scott<3
Answer: here is my Robert in a rose shirt,you can see a lit...
Answer: Justin!
Answer: JB is awesome!
Answer: Paul<3
Answer: my babe with a black background<3
Answer: Nick Bateman
Answer: Drew montrer his biceps<3
Answer: Patrick Logan - Desperate Housewives!
Answer: Jared and his band,30 secondes to Mars<3
Answer: Justin Gaston
Answer: Anson Mount
Answer: with his daughter
Answer: neatly combed Zack :)
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: Ryan Sheckler<33
Answer: Colton's beautiful teeth:)
Answer: two loups this time xD
Answer: Jensen in b&w<3
Answer: Cam with a flashlight<3
Answer: CMM montrer his little piggies :)
Answer: He fought through 6 heartattacks additionally to hi...
Answer: Todd Lasance
Answer: a bacon
Answer: Colton in b&w<3
Answer: Tom Felton in blue<3
Answer: robert today
Answer: Toby Stephens
Answer: my sexy man in a red t-shirt<3