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Answer: My bad boy, Matthew wearing glasses in this pic. <3...
Answer: Ryan Gosling. Look at him, he's just perfect ♥!
Answer: I can't find very many like this
Answer: [b]XxFUMMxX:[/b] I fell for Rob Knepper because of...
Answer: my stunningly handsome honey! <3
Answer: :3 his voice is like honey for me! Rob and Sting :)...
Answer: Rob standing par a window
Answer: so adorable young Downey! *-*
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness on the phon...
Answer: I even l’amour his arm in that suit
Answer: <3
Answer: Wentworth Miller
Answer: Jared Padalecki
Answer: :p
Answer: LOL! does a kiddie pool count? haha. there were oth...
Answer: Johnny ♥
Answer: Ian Somerhalder ♥
Answer: Rob Knepper on Cult
Answer: my baby in a grey suit
Answer: uuuuu dangerous
Answer: John Barrowman! :)
Answer: so fine Mr. Knepper
Answer: Rufus Sewell =3
Answer: Taylor x
Answer: taylor :)
Answer: holmes cuddeling with Watsons veste while sleeping...
Answer: creep
Answer: lick me like a lollypop with that tongue baby<3
Answer: fleur Knepper
Answer: Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne:)
Answer: Mark Salling playing a guitar!
Answer: Jensen Ackles as Dean on Supernatural, screaming be...
Answer: Johnny Depp<3
Answer: aw Downey xD
Answer: Matthew in a military uniform. :)
Answer: oh yeah.
Answer: Boom! Instant hotness!! <3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester<3
Answer: Rob ♥ I l’amour his hair here, its so cute ♥
Answer: this is one of my fave pics of my fave couple Rober...
Answer: FREEZE! Sexy man, Matthew holding a gun. :P
Answer: l’amour his citations *-*
Answer: those ears are just begging to be bitten and sucked...
Answer: Shag - Colton Haynes (HE WOULD BE A GOOD OLE SHAG,...
Answer: so funny style ^^
Answer: gorgeous Marie fixing Rob's tie
Answer: This stud muffin, Taylor Lautner!! <3333
Answer: my lion needs a fence
Answer: Dylan O'Brien
Answer: Benny ((
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen <3
Answer: I am loving the view :)
Answer: Robert Knepper for Hugo Boss XD
Answer: *le is Lost in his eyes*
Answer: Benedict as John Harrison (Star Trek)
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Tom [hot] Hiddleston :) - That gros morceau, hunk is 32 *-*
Answer: Tom Hiddleston :))))
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Tony with blood on his face
Answer: ?? yep
Answer: how many times have I posté those buns?
Answer: Benny
Answer: taylor in a tank haut, retour au début
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin playing a surgeon.
Answer: arrrr Pirate Downey^^
Answer: Hugh Dancy
Answer: mine
Answer: <3
Answer: the eyes are so stunning here
Answer: bloody Robbie
Answer: moody babe
Answer: all pics of Rob laughing like that make me immediat...
Answer: haha he looks like a wizard ^^
Answer: Aaron in his latest photoshoot♥
Answer: My young sweetie!! <333
Answer: Rufus Sewell =D (though toi can't see his face) =(...
Answer: I l’amour his shinny brown hair. <3333
Answer: Here MDR
Answer: Matt Bomer... thud... crash.. bang...
Answer: Bon Appetit,baby.Save some room for dessert,baby.Th...
Answer: RIP
Answer: Here
Answer: my honey
Answer: Rob hugging an actress, I don´t know the name of
Answer: JD :(
Answer: Stark....Tony Stark
Answer: Robert Downey Jr. with his son Exton(age:1)
Answer: those eyes are always kind of big ^^ - and adorable...
Answer: Ian Somerhalder ♥♥
Answer: Taylor Lautner
Answer: My Matti in a romance banner!! <333333
Answer: Mark Salling (on the left) with his Glee co-stars
Answer: my Teddy
Answer: handsome sweety
Answer: Matt Bomer, blue on blue :D
Answer: Cam Gigandet
Answer: my sexy man
Answer: here is Robo
Answer: my Robert(in a promo for Cosmopolis)wearing a watch...