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 montrer les réponses de acteurs les plus canons à 1501 sur 1600
Answer: *yo listen up, here comes the story, about a little...
Answer: here is a jigsaw cœur, coeur of my handsome Robert,who is...
Answer: Johnny
Answer: taylor :)
Answer: JB and Christopher Ecceleston<3
Answer: CH and LH<3
Answer: my hottie at CW Winter TCA party 2007 <33333
Answer: Bradley James is so adorable :3
Answer: too lazy to chercher other pics - my émeraude boy
Answer: Tony of course is the glasses man <3
Answer: In an interview for "Eleventh hour" =3
Answer: Angel
Answer: Rob being nice
Answer: my beautiful man with his 2 Twilight co-stars,Krist...
Answer: tweedy boy
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: ❤Mine❤
Answer: Jay<3
Answer: Downey styla b*tch! xD
Answer: Jensen Ackles with Jared Padalecki. Jensen is 6'1 a...
Answer: Billy standing in the rain, all hot and .... oh thu...
Answer: awww
Answer: Matthew not smiling but angry. <3
Answer: awww RK
Answer: mine :)
Answer: David smiling<3
Answer: here is my Robert,with a blue-ish background<3
Answer: how would I not *_*
Answer: Andy Whitfield
Answer: Jared!
Answer: Daniel Ewing ;)
Answer: Taylor and Ryan on March 22nd @ Seacrest studios
Answer: haha his face! XDDXD
Answer: taylor x
Answer: hahaaa ^^
Answer: l’amour their styles! :D
Answer: my sexy,perfect Pattinson<3
Answer: my Bobby... isn't he the lovliest guy on the earth?...
Answer: Matthew smiling at me <33333
Answer: [b]Matthew Lawrence[/b] - He can tell romantic stor...
Answer: Sammy
Answer: Adorable DT!
Answer: Always happy togethar<3
Answer: taylors underwear :)
Answer: My sweet Alex, in Hawaii 5-0
Answer: my Robert being cute and funny<3
Answer: Chris and Liam Hemsworth shaking hands :)
Answer: Sam smiling <3
Answer: I cant even express how little I care about the blu...
Answer: my baby sleeping :)
Answer: my hottie at the Comic Con 2008, holding a bow a fa...
Answer: Hugh Jackman chilling:)
Answer: Tony is my newest MDR I'm a faithful person
Answer: Rob is basically a cheekboner
Answer: *cries*
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe!!
Answer: Bowser
Answer: a Rob fond d’écran
Answer: in the 1st one
Answer: hottie in Stargate
Answer: Nemily
Answer: My Davie <3
Answer: John Barrowman hugging Eve Myles ;)
Answer: Save a Horse ride a Cowboy! :P
Answer: how cool is that
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch ♥
Answer: oh those sexy lips...I'm melting...<3
Answer: Billy Loomis,played par Skeet Ulrich in Scream tasti...
Answer: that smile kills me again and again! ... X3
Answer: MB as Neal Caffrey :)
Answer: poor Robbie
Answer: Hugh Laurie
Answer: dont have so many baby pics
Answer: My Dave <3
Answer: T.S.
Answer: Life on Mars
Answer: if he pointed at me like that..... *dies*
Answer: Tom Mison New Years fan-art I made <3
Answer: Rodi...I'm sure Hanna will l’amour this<3
Answer: my dashing Prince charming,aka Robert Pattinson<3
Answer: I died when I found that
Answer: Jodi has always been beautiful <3
Answer: Rob in HD don´t get startled par all those wrinkle...
Answer: my Robert with a grey background.He is MY 50 shades...
Answer: LOOOL BOB as an Avatar!^^
Answer: this pic of my handsome Robert makes me LOL<3
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Robbie's dreamballs. And Tony's too of course
Answer: won't stop with that movie, till all trophée are poste...
Answer: Hot Orlando! <3 (the left picture)
Answer: John barrowman♥
Answer: Kellan Lutz
Answer: my baby with his lover,Kristen Stewart<3
Answer: cutie :3
Answer: Matt and David doing the same
Answer: how is this level of cuteness even possible? *_*
Answer: James D'Arcy
Answer: Brad Pitt,who will be 50 in December.Even for an al...
Answer: Gabe changed so much........NOT XD
Answer: my creepy <3