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Answer: :)
Answer: Dornan in HD<3
Answer: Tonip
Answer: my sexy Robert Hottinson looking even hotter in lea...
Answer: my Robert with a rip in his shirt<3
Answer: Robert and Kristen,as Edward and Bella,staring into...
Answer: just some suit pants
Answer: Bowie :(
Answer: my blonde haired Aussie<3
Answer: coooool
Answer: his eyes are amazing<3
Answer: Andy and his mum :)
Answer: Rachel is beyond beautiful <33333
Answer: my white hot British babe<3
Answer: RJ Mitte and my blurred goddess
Answer: mine :)
Answer: MDR Jar
Answer: OMG crazy fan coming at 2:45
Answer: Taylor in a building doing a photoshoot<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner looking to the side<3
Answer: Chris Pine fully clothed in water<3
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: Colin Morgan.
Answer: Tony here
Answer: my baby holding a pen as he signs some autographs f...
Answer: George Michael was a pretty
Answer: Chris with long hair<3
Answer: Jared eyes :O
Answer: my sexy babe touching his sexy,kissable mouth<3
Answer: Kellan with dirty blonde hair<3
Answer: My naughty boy!!! :P
Answer: wanna be there suivant to him <3
Answer: Bex Taylor-Klaus!<3
Answer: Zayn Malik<33
Answer: Robbie here
Answer: Matthew Lawrence <333
Answer: Robert Pattinson?Who is that?I've never heard of hi...
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Matt looking smart and sexy<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: DB <333
Answer: Oliver Queen/The Arrow.
Answer: Bieber<3
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: Brad<3
Answer: My edit..
Answer: Misha!
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: he's ready for his closeup...and what a sexy closeu...
Answer: perfect Bowie
Answer: Paul making a hand motion<3
Answer: my gorgeous babe with shadows<3
Answer: Jules Knight.
Answer: Justin
Answer: Ziggy, nobody needs your head *_*
Answer: Taylor wearing a shirt<3
Answer: graffiti!!
Answer: Kellan's toned and smoking hot body<3
Answer: Marco Dapper
Answer: because Rob is drowning him in the loo
Answer: Jb
Answer: Marco Dapper!
Answer: Biebz.
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: he was made to wear white shirts
Answer: Chris Pine looking fine in white<3
Answer: :O
Answer: Bow nailing a Teddy bear. WHY?
Answer: can't say anything... l’amour of my life ♥
Answer: Robert and Kristen,I hope they find their way back...
Answer: Jules Knight in b&w
Answer: Gem<3
Answer: RJ Mitte
Answer: WOW
Answer: Nolan Funk
Answer: worried about a cat, he found in the bin
Answer: Ryan's sexy,muscled arms<3
Answer: my beautiful,fave girl Kristen<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner<3
Answer: Janto<3
Answer: AWW his pouting is adorable
Answer: Justin.
Answer: ...
Answer: Andy Biersack *DEAD*
Answer: Robert looking to the left<3
Answer: here's a pic of my sexy Dior man that I've never po...
Answer: guess who...<3
Answer: my handsome babe with trees and grass<3
Answer: Justin Bieber!
Answer: Brad from the side<3
Answer: red suit
Answer: my very sexy Theo from the back<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Chris's sexy veins<3
Answer: Matt Lanter!
Answer: Chace<3
Answer: John<33
Answer: John Barrowman - Sorry mines goes to 12.
Answer: Justin.