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Answer: 50 shades of Pattinson sexiness<3
Answer: Kellan's for sale?How much?<3
Answer: Kellan wearing a hat<3
Answer: Nolan Ross <33333
Answer: literally: Aidan Gillen
Answer: Simon Neil
Answer: Rider on a sunny jour <333333
Answer: Adam senn!
Answer: Spader <3
Answer: JB
Answer: always;)
Answer: my beauty <3
Answer: he´s a mess!
Answer: Rob last weekend
Answer: Sebastian Stan<3
Answer: maybe this one
Answer: king of close-ups
Answer: Vince
Answer: my baby
Answer: éditer I Made.
Answer: screencap from California Solo ♥
Answer: Ethan Hawke
Answer: Brad in 1992<3
Answer: Chace.
Answer: *dies* :P
Answer: Adam senn<3
Answer: robert <3
Answer: l’amour u too Bow XD
Answer: Rob fixing
Answer: my sexy stubbly stunner
Answer: I like Rod's idea. Han Pan would make a nice Bowie...
Answer: Bawwwwwwwww
Answer: my sweet awesome Tom Hiddleston :D
Answer: my handsome Robert walking and smiling<3
Answer: da Mann
Answer: Chaz!
Answer: Luke Hemmings!!
Answer: Matt Cohen.
Answer: John in Matador
Answer: Jensen
Answer: aw Larry! :'(
Answer: my devil <3
Answer: John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney :)
Answer: well...
Answer: Daniel Radcliff
Answer: Liam leaning against a brick wall<3
Answer: Jensen.
Answer: Bill Kaulitz
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jared singing<3
Answer: dont gimme that look *_*
Answer: I l’amour toi too,my gorgeous British babe<3
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: l’amour that suit!
Answer: it´s the newest inteview with him from 13.01.13
Answer: my mischievous British babe<3
Answer: <3
Answer: Richard Madden
Answer: Matt wearing a long sleeve shirt<3
Answer: Jared
Answer: Dan
Answer: my fave Aussie with a ponytail<3
Answer: Ryan Bowden.
Answer: I really f*@&# ing hate watermarks!!!!!!!!<3
Answer: my beautiful baby with lots of light surrounding hi...
Answer: aléatoire pic of Zac with Elmo MDR
Answer: Queen Conchy
Answer: his weird sense of humour xD
Answer: Roshan
Answer: John with his hands together :)
Answer: Benntdick.
Answer: a mosaïque fan art of my handsome Robert<3
Answer: pretty Dave
Answer: Cody weearing Calvin Klein.
Answer: Happy B <33333333
Answer: John and dog.
Answer: most epic tweet ever!! Robert Carlyle
Answer: AG
Answer: omg
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: the hair - the beard - everything?^^
Answer: Peter Dinklage
Answer: Outside Bowie
Answer: today I have a Ziggy fangirling jour XD something's...
Answer: Christoph Waltz <33
Answer: Nick Bateman
Answer: Justin Bieber in Lolly video<3
Answer: Ryan G shirtless hottie<3
Answer: Kellan with veins<3
Answer: all of them looking guilty as they hit the waterpip...
Answer: JAR :O
Answer: Justin Drew Bieber was born in Canada:)
Answer: <3
Answer: Armie Hammer
Answer: I've never posté a pic of Tom Felton before
Answer: Adam senn!
Answer: not that I know of
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Cool Andy!
Answer: CW :*