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Answer: this makes me so sad,because the speed did kill him...
Answer: Capn Toby Stephens
Answer: My Fav!
Answer: my sexy Aussie hottie<3
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin in black:)
Answer: Jamie looking even hotter in a tank top<3
Answer: Ashton Kutcher <3
Answer: does this pic of Taylor take your breath away?
Answer: Jb
Answer: Fatriel
Answer: my king<3
Answer: sexy jumper for a sexy man<3
Answer: Bennys Hands<3
Answer: haha brainexplosion xD
Answer: Jules Knight<3
Answer: Paul looking hot in red<3
Answer: Alex <3
Answer: Jamie with veins on his hand<3
Answer: Kristen Stewart on Taylor Lautner's shoulders for a...
Answer: interview about his drug addiction
Answer: Mitch Hewer :)
Answer: Scott montrer his sexy arms<3
Answer: Malcolm Merlyn is STUNNING!
Answer: Kellan Lutz photoshoot<3
Answer: Kellan wearing a coat<3
Answer: pretty young Rob in a musique video
Answer: Jake Miller
Answer: my handsome smiling babe smiling at the beautiful K...
Answer: ?????
Answer: WOW
Answer: Aaron Tveit
Answer: <3
Answer: Chris Pine looking so fine in black<3
Answer: Colton Haynes would be perfect with Emily Bett Rick...
Answer: my yummy,scruffy British hotty<3
Answer: Kellan has lutz of them<3
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: John has a funny last name..BARROWMAN!!
Answer: Chris Pine's eyes are so FINE<3
Answer: Jake has a very nice,handsome face<3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Tony Head as Frank N Further
Answer: Marlon Brando was
Answer: Gorgeous to the max
Answer: Nolan.
Answer: Robert from his Marie Claire(Italy)magazine photosh...
Answer: Chris Pine is mighty FINE<3
Answer: my American hottie,Paul<3
Answer: NOT EVEN FAIR :...( but still sexy
Answer: Rob getting a woman's attention, toi cannot see in...
Answer: haha holmes does the harlem shake ^^
Answer: my Robert holding his heart.Baby,if toi gave me toi...
Answer: Stanley Tucci <3
Answer: Matthew (Jack) in l’amour with Maitland Ward (Rachel)...
Answer: CJH!
Answer: ...
Answer: Juju
Answer: my man <3
Answer: my baby looks orange against this orange background...
Answer: Lucky with new haircolour
Answer: I posté this pic recently,but it's too cool not to...
Answer: Andy!
Answer: Adam Gregory
Answer: JOHNNNN<3
Answer: kellan lutz x
Answer: all hail king Bowie xD
Answer: Nick and Nicky.
Answer: Matthew sort of pissed at the other guy.
Answer: they are soooo perfect together<3
Answer: Jamie looking yummy in denim jeans<3
Answer: This picture of them is so cool! <3
Answer: DB *_____*
Answer: Yummy Matt! <333
Answer: TD
Answer: Yummy Biebz!
Answer: Heroes Bowie
Answer: Sam Robertson
Answer: Armie in a shirt<3
Answer: <3
Answer: WOW
Answer: Efron has a beautiful head of hair<3
Answer: my delicious British babe in a t-shirt<3
Answer: scruffy Scott<3
Answer: JUSTIN!
Answer: Misha Collins. Just had to put him with his soc...
Answer: *_______*
Answer: Adam Lambert<3
Answer: Here is my Robert.He isn't pulling his hair,but it'...
Answer: Bill Kaulitz
Answer: A.G<3
Answer: Mitch<3
Answer: Gretch-Bag: hotter version of Bonnie & Clyde pic c...
Answer: old building with torture devices - I like
Answer: my pocket full of sunshine<3
Answer: 30 secondes to Mars<3
Answer: I can't wait to see him in a soldier uniform<3
Answer: Robert's sexy,juicy,kissable red lips<3
Answer: Matthew and Rider napping together!! <3333
Answer: Nick Bateman *_* WOW