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Answer: Colin Firth
Answer: My favourite captain.I would happily aboard his shi...
Answer: Bowie,for Hanna :)
Answer: *.* RDJude
Answer: Jared Padalecki and his wife, Gen. They're too...
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: Bowser always shines
Answer: my British babe with his country flag<3
Answer: Robbie Amell.
Answer: Tim Schou
Answer: Matt Bomer is so sexy in this picture!
Answer: such a babe
Answer: hmm
Answer: Alex Pettyfer éditer <3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: DAAAAAVIE *_*
Answer: Nick wearing denim<3
Answer: Andrew Scott.
Answer: Luke from the side<3
Answer: Jared's chiot eyes<3
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: let's pretend she's a dude
Answer: dudes
Answer: Robbie Amell.
Answer: Jared
Answer: Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: There's a new teacher in town (Matt in a still from...
Answer: Radcliffe is not really my type, but I l’amour his che...
Answer: Bow! <3
Answer: She's so fucking sexy and strong but also has her s...
Answer: Rider Strong with facial hair <33333
Answer: Dan in red<3
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Colton Haynes.
Answer: Godfrey Gao<3
Answer: l’amour <3
Answer: Channing Tatum photoshoot outtakes<3
Answer: Almost Human
Answer: Zegers
Answer: Kellan with both hands in his pockets<3
Answer: Craig... without shirt...
Answer: my l’amour looking sideways<3
Answer: Cam, wow!
Answer: Dougie Poynter.
Answer: Matt Lanter!
Answer: Leto manteau - wanna have
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: blonde Bieber<3
Answer: Colton in a shop<3
Answer: perfect bone structure
Answer: Michael Fassbender :)
Answer: Ryan Sheckler *_*
Answer: Chris Hemsworth in a white shirt<3
Answer: Billy Magnusson
Answer: Jeremy Sumpter
Answer: Misha!
Answer: Josh Henderson.
Answer: Gary
Answer: She's amazing and is always so happy which is amazi...
Answer: <3
Answer: William.
Answer: Jared
Answer: Gabriel *_*
Answer: my boy
Answer: Kellan in a blue suit for a photoshoot<3
Answer: he's Jésus and he knows it
Answer: Jake Miller
Answer: Ryan *_*
Answer: Robert's gorgeous,bright smile<3
Answer: Pattinson's perfect pucker...he so wants me to Kiss...
Answer: only got that ... =/
Answer: Kellan wearing blue<3
Answer: Douglas Booth in a neon green sweater<3
Answer: Ian<3 l’amour his hairs!!
Answer: Lucien Laviscount.
Answer: Matt soaked :)
Answer: Nemily shooting eps yesterday
Answer: Ryan Sheckler!
Answer: Adam Lambert and David Bowie<3
Answer: Bowlips
Answer: Misha!
Answer: Ethan Hawke
Answer: Dominic.
Answer: John's legs<3
Answer: Jamie from an angle<3
Answer: Redmayne
Answer: Drew van Acker
Answer: yeah injured- a bit xD
Answer: Jon is a model and actor<3
Answer: Gabe Mann <3
Answer: best jawline I know
Answer: young Jared
Answer: on set of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Answer: David Tennant<3
Answer: Lucien Laviscount.
Answer: Nick
Answer: Jamie in full yummy detail.He has very yummy,sexy b...
Answer: Boy Epic <3
Answer: the duke <333333
Answer: JRM rockin' the v-neck. YUM!