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Answer: :O
Answer: Knepper in Gas, Food, Lodging
Answer: l’amour that veste
Answer: Josh Hutcherson eating a hotdog..lol <3
Answer: cutest man ever :D
Answer: I will always be a Robsten worshipper<3
Answer: Liam hemsworth <3
Answer: stephen amell
Answer: my Bobby wearing something blue♥
Answer: :P *drooling on my table*
Answer: Hugh Dancy
Answer: snuggly Jared
Answer: I adore this pic
Answer: ADORE his hair
Answer: WTF?<3
Answer: :D
Answer: 6x shirtless Downey
Answer: Johnny Depp looking around ...
Answer: Sexy Alex!
Answer: Taylor Daniel Lautner! Dressed as a team Edward GIR...
Answer: Kidrauhl<3
Answer: Hugh Dancy
Answer: My Rob <3
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: My sexy gros morceau, hunk <3333
Answer: I think Wild Thing had the fluffiest hair
Answer: Jensen with Facial Hair :)
Answer: Robert wearing a silly looking hat from his Italian...
Answer: Jensen with a beard and still looking sexy :)
Answer: My Baby with a closed fist. <33333
Answer: John Barrowman and Scott Gill xD
Answer: l’amour that pic
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz looking to the side<3
Answer: my sexy baby looking to the side<3
Answer: Here toi go
Answer: my gorgeous British babe playing the guitar<3
Answer: Ollie shouting at Clark in "Rage", the morning afte...
Answer: haha ... sweetes couple with the strangest looks!^^...
Answer: I'd say he's pissed...n ur argument is invalid...
Answer: I'd buy it - if I could!^^
Answer: Robert Knepper (because I already l’amour him for almo...
Answer: Douglas with stubble<3
Answer: Jen with his mouth slightly open
Answer: Hugh Jackman<3
Answer: Jensen <3
Answer: Keanu Reeves! <3 My first celebrity crush ever! He...
Answer: Robbie with white behind him
Answer: Xavier Samuel!
Answer: picfection
Answer: Stiller, Black and Downey dancing crazy^^
Answer: upset Nolan
Answer: aww Jared, that's too much
Answer: my Robster
Answer: Ben Stiller
Answer: misha collins wearing orange
Answer: Sexy liam, sexy smile
Answer: so badly
Answer: John Barrowman riding a horse :) Last an in panto...
Answer: Always Crashing in the Same Car
Answer: Robert Knepper, then and now
Answer: ...
Answer: oh l’amour it :P
Answer: Jensen<3
Answer: John for Vicky
Answer: Taylor Daniel Lautner!
Answer: smexy Rob
Answer: Bow <3
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin
Answer: scruffy Bow
Answer: Knepper and a ball
Answer: Would anyone like some fleurs :)
Answer: Hot Hugh
Answer: totally
Answer: my Teddy par a brick mur
Answer: Tom
Answer: taylor looking at taylor MDR :)
Answer: a little bit...
Answer: my baby has the most beautiful blue eyes..too bad y...
Answer: My little Matthew!! <33333
Answer: Special Kidd!
Answer: Barrowlicious
Answer: all in all GREY :))
Answer: John Denim Man!
Answer: my baby with his beautiful blue eyes looking up at...
Answer: Jesse Williams.
Answer: my handsome baby with lines under his gorgeous eyes...
Answer: Cam Gigandet
Answer: Orlando's laugh <3
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: Bownip
Answer: this Bow
Answer: Bow and Iman at their wedding
Answer: swagga babe poor Rob had to smoke in that movie al...
Answer: like a boss
Answer: curles - curles everywhere! *-*
Answer: my beautiful,handsome Robert holding a stuffed elep...
Answer: Here
Answer: Boy, my Matt needs to shave.... O_O
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Kellan Lutz's récent photoshoot for A...
Answer: my dirty babe