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Answer: ...
Answer: Cowboy-orange-Downey
Answer: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Answer: Hawke
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal
Answer: blue jeans :)
Answer: Robbie Amell.
Answer: Aaron.
Answer: Vince Kidd<3
Answer: ^^ *_*^^
Answer: Sheckler wearing a hat<3
Answer: look at my bright shining baby<3
Answer: my gorgeous hottie in a bedroom<3
Answer: Jared Padalecki close up <3
Answer: Paul wearing glasses<3
Answer: JA
Answer: David Ames
Answer: Gaby
Answer: my smiley baby looking and smiling at Kristen Stewa...
Answer: cute
Answer: I l’amour this dress that Nina Dobrev is wearing.
Answer: the serial-killer-hoody
Answer: Alain Delon
Answer: my handsome babe posing sitting down and bending ov...
Answer: Justice Joslin.
Answer: JON!
Answer: sexy and cool<3
Answer: my white hot Pattinson<3
Answer: my handsome Hemsworth<3
Answer: Chris Pine ♥
Answer: my gorgeous Jamie<3
Answer: CJH
Answer: JL
Answer: Bradley James
Answer: Barrowface.
Answer: sexy Ryan Guzman without a shirt<3
Answer: Les Miserables star,Eddie Redmayne with freckles
Answer: Bieber<3
Answer: Scott Behind John.
Answer: beau gran <3
Answer: Matthew Lawrence ( My Love) Leonardo DiCaprio Rob...
Answer: my babe has beautiful perfect teeth<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner<3
Answer: Wanna rejoindre him...
Answer: Tom Riley
Answer: Tom Felton
Answer: Here is my Rob sitting and posing(and looking HOT!!...
Answer: Robert
Answer: haha that's kind of the Rob way to ride a bicycle x...
Answer: Jar
Answer: Misha, why are toi so adorable? <3
Answer: ... I can't find any words...
Answer: the holy spirit
Answer: Liam doing a backflip<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: cutie
Answer: John And Eve<3
Answer: Revengers <3
Answer: This used to be my favourite<3
Answer: Matthew with his face painted as a skull :)
Answer: Nico wearing jeans <3
Answer: my <3
Answer: Paul with one of his Eight Below animal co-stars<3
Answer: Alex <3
Answer: BoyEpic
Answer: Matthew with one of his teammates wearing one. :)
Answer: my orange baby
Answer: Billie Piper
Answer: David Giuntoli
Answer: one of my favs of Cillian
Answer: Scheckler<3
Answer: Jar
Answer: such a gorgeous face<3
Answer: my angel<3
Answer: Liam sitting on the grass/floor
Answer: being childish? my Bobby is very good in it! :D
Answer: my sweetheart looking down<3
Answer: Barrowgill!
Answer: WHYYYYYY cant this be bigger :OOOOO
Answer: Xavier Dolan
Answer: :)
Answer: there <3
Answer: Taylor wearing red and blue<3
Answer: Brad in a cool red jacket<3
Answer: Eugene Simon.
Answer: Scott Eastwood in b&w<3
Answer: did toi spot him? XD
Answer: Nolan <3
Answer: never gonna beat Gabe in hair questions xD
Answer: Colton Haynes
Answer: Alex Gonzalez
Answer: classy Fel
Answer: par wickedfox I believe
Answer: Scott<3
Answer: Dave
Answer: Colton!
Answer: he is my Hottinson<3
Answer: Brosnan
Answer: sexy and oh so serious<3
Answer: 100 suns