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Answer: my baby,Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: Sean O'Pry!
Answer: My hottie <3
Answer: Michael ealy
Answer: my beautiful,gorgeous Robert looking down<3
Answer: <3
Answer: looking down
Answer: my handsome British babe at the BD 2 L.A. premiere...
Answer: forever Robsten<3
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: Jb
Answer: JAred <3
Answer: Jude Law with trees(one of which is full of lovely...
Answer: loving him was red *_*
Answer: Barrowsmile<3
Answer: happy Bowie
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Simon Baker <3
Answer: Zegers
Answer: the awesome JESUS,aka Jared Leto chant to a young...
Answer: l’amour his hair
Answer: Bowie
Answer: I very much adore this man right here...
Answer: Scott looking up<3
Answer: David's thighs
Answer: Barrowman
Answer: David <3333333333
Answer: Todd!
Answer: <33333
Answer: Gerard Butler.
Answer: MDR here
Answer: Lucas!
Answer: my sexy Rob-a-licious with Taylor Lautner<3
Answer: Bill Kaulitz
Answer: Alexxxxxxxxxxxx <3
Answer: WOW
Answer: Jensen ;)
Answer: Jamie Dornan/Christian Grey collage<3
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: Nick Roux.
Answer: Todd :)
Answer: Dylan Sprayberry.
Answer: my sexy canapé potato lying on some cushions<3.Is th...
Answer: Benny in grey<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Janto<3 The best scenes ever on Torchwood includ...
Answer: Richard Winsor (Right) <3
Answer: Robert and Kristen<3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: John chant Heaven.He is Vicky's Heaven on Earth<3...
Answer: <3
Answer: used to
Answer: Nikolaj
Answer: Been a Belieber since November 2009 and aint ever L...
Answer: God,he's sooooooo f***ing beautiful...and sexy!!!!!...
Answer: Run For Love!
Answer: Josh looking at his blue nose pit taureau, bull puppy...awww...
Answer: John Barrowhappy ;)
Answer: he will always be beautiful, even when he hits 100
Answer: EPIC!
Answer: D <3
Answer: Zach Quinto
Answer: Taylor Lautner and some of his Twilight co-stars fr...
Answer: "All That Matters" video.
Answer: Gotta be one of my favourites of him<3
Answer: Matthew Morrison♥
Answer: Cam wearing a hat<3
Answer: GABE
Answer: swag on the canapé
Answer: Ben
Answer: Dean<3
Answer: Bennington
Answer: not my fav actor, but the best insulting I ever hea...
Answer: Jared :d
Answer: Jesse
Answer: MDR good one. Rob is always pleased with himself. h...
Answer: Jared!
Answer: l’amour this!!!!
Answer: my adorable Aussie shepard puppy<3
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Boy Epic
Answer: Andy Biersack
Answer: Robert's heavenly face with shadows<3
Answer: My Bobby directed Robert Knepper (and also himself)...
Answer: Luke Grimes<3
Answer: Allan Hawco from "The Republic of Doyle" in the GTO...
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Dave
Answer: my handsome Robert with the beautiful Kristen Stewa...
Answer: my sexy Brit standing on a racetrack...my cœur, coeur rac...
Answer: Robert with light on his gorgeous face<3
Answer: Zac's stunning eyes<3
Answer: l’amour his smiles...each and every one of them<3
Answer: Drew van Acker
Answer: Capt.Jack!
Answer: Sean O'Pry!!
Answer: Knepper covering his face
Answer: l’amour
Answer: Justins WOW