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Answer: John B<3
Answer: we miss ya Paul<3
Answer: Kellan on the cover of DT<3
Answer: My favourite man ever!
Answer: Bill has perfect skin
Answer: sweety Tom Hiddles
Answer: Grey's gorgeous face<3
Answer: John.
Answer: Colton.
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: my beautiful Jude Law - he was model for Doir :))
Answer: fake bearded Rob
Answer: Matthew Daddario
Answer: Kellan in jeans<3
Answer: Jamie from the side<3
Answer: he has about 100 different smiles,and I l’amour each a...
Answer: Matthew's hot rosy rose lips!! <33
Answer: Jon♥
Answer: Happy BDay to Him! <33333
Answer: RDJ in striped shirt<3
Answer: Tom Daley!!<33
Answer: I met Jensen Ackles,when he was on Days of our Liv...
Answer: Barrowsmile.
Answer: Tom Kaulitz!
Answer: I think this saying of my Robert,with Kristen(as th...
Answer: Barrowbabe.
Answer: Justin and Kim Kardashian (DONT LIKE KIM BUT THIS P...
Answer: Styla
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Kellan smiling without montrer his dimples<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth with stubble<3
Answer: Hugh Dancy.
Answer: Santa Downey<3
Answer: Scott with very nice,broad shoulders<3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund<3
Answer: that little bastard
Answer: *died*
Answer: my handsome Robert stretching his arms<3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: ;D lovely RDJ
Answer: Omfg!
Answer: da man
Answer: *_*
Answer: Hugh!<3
Answer: David and Billie<3
Answer: Ian Somerhalder winking at us<3
Answer: Jamie with stubble<3
Answer: Chris Pine looking fine in blue<3
Answer: he is amazing in so many ways<3
Answer: Taylor in a light blue shirt<3
Answer: I l’amour the perspective here
Answer: Wee Jb
Answer: Jeremy
Answer: my creation
Answer: ;)
Answer: my baby in Central Park,filming a scene for Remembe...
Answer: l’amour everything here <3
Answer: Justin's tattoos!
Answer: my sexy babe touching his very kissable lips<3
Answer: Liam Hemsworth<3
Answer: Henry looking white hot in white<3
Answer: RDJ with stubble<3
Answer: New JB Pic<33
Answer: Jamie is from the UK<3
Answer: Barrowsmile<3
Answer: Pecalious!
Answer: he looks adorably handsome in this pic :)
Answer: my sexy British man candy<3
Answer: Tobey in Spider-Man 2
Answer: Cool and HOT!
Answer: my honey's eyebrows are thick and sexy<3
Answer: mine
Answer: for sure
Answer: Justin Bieber.
Answer: My Matt inspires me to do many things: Work out wi...
Answer: Ville
Answer: Matt looking very hot in this outfit<3
Answer: Chace standing up in a tree<3
Answer: Justin wearing a Chelsea FC shirt. Would rather him...
Answer: Zayn!
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Jb
Answer: JB performing shirtless for a crowd of his Belieber...
Answer: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston<3
Answer: Bow <3
Answer: Ben <3
Answer: Baptiste
Answer: Manu WOW
Answer: Stunner *_*
Answer: this pic of JB is cool<3
Answer: John<3
Answer: OMFG never saw before :O No need to watch all but o...
Answer: just a little bit...
Answer: my sexy Robert holding his sunglasses...in his mout...
Answer: Tom Daley.
Answer: RDJ with trees<3
Answer: Kellan in a plaid shirt<3
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: Gary
Answer: Justin with Brazil flag :)