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Answer: Robbie babe
Answer: my Glass araign? e, araignée
Answer: Matt Bomer... thud
Answer: John.
Answer: I'd kill to get that one xD
Answer: only slightly? hard one xD
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jon *_*
Answer: Mattie looking up <333333
Answer: Fernando Andina relaxing on a Roman Bath. I'd like...
Answer: Ben in b&w<3
Answer: Nick Bateman!
Answer: Ludwig<3
Answer: Derek Theler <3333
Answer: Liam !
Answer: Leto's lovely legs<3
Answer: my own personal sunshine<3
Answer: magnificent in every aspect
Answer: Mr. and Mrs. David Boreanaz
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio :)
Answer: the one and only
Answer: John <3333
Answer: Noah Mills.
Answer: pup
Answer: cutie
Answer: aaahahahaaa xD silly Bob
Answer: Simply STUNNING
Answer: cuz of Emily <3
Answer: Lady Jared
Answer: I don't mind overlighted pics at all - shows that h...
Answer: Cillian
Answer: hello baby!
Answer: I l’amour Justin in beanies :3 They suit him so much!
Answer: Tom Payne
Answer: Tom Payne!
Answer: He can wear me if he wants ;)
Answer: haahaa cool sweety
Answer: flawless
Answer: Jb
Answer: Rachel McAdams <3
Answer: WOW
Answer: my gorgeous babe in HD..which stands for HOT DAMN<3...
Answer: So do I John!
Answer: Robbie pointing at someone
Answer: my Robert wearing a watch.I will l’amour toi until the...
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: I l’amour Matt's beautiful nose <33333
Answer: Jeremy Renner
Answer: mighty beautiful hand <3
Answer: Here u go ;)
Answer: Ed Westwick <3
Answer: Best coast: Our Deal
Answer: Robbie
Answer: the admirable rayon, ray Liotta
Answer: crazy in the mad way
Answer: Taylor Lautner - 21
Answer: my handsome Robert scratching his head<3
Answer: David IN a pool, ... that ok?
Answer: Sakis in the Cosmopolitan cover
Answer: DB<3
Answer: I can't even count the clothes
Answer: Freddie renard
Answer: my smoking hot British babe with his eyes closed<3
Answer: Daniel Gillies
Answer: Boreanaz <3
Answer: xD
Answer: Bieber.
Answer: Garrett with forehead lines<3
Answer: John & Jack!
Answer: John!
Answer: my sexy British babe on the R,with 2 of his Twiligh...
Answer: Tommy Newton <3
Answer: River <3
Answer: DB is wow
Answer: delicious Aidan
Answer: uff, where do I start? I l’amour HIM SO!! but tell me...
Answer: Aidan Turner as Kili in his latest movie, The Hobbi...
Answer: this is the best fanvid about Rumpelstiltskin and I...
Answer: Tony's album cover
Answer: Stephen Amell<3
Answer: Pup!
Answer: My shirtless Matthew looking over his shoulder. <33...
Answer: Dean
Answer: Matthew with his hands together. <3333
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Dougie P
Answer: River
Answer: Aidan Gillen <333333
Answer: Guirao Diaz!
Answer: Sebastian Stan
Answer: my babe looking down<3
Answer: Jared and Shannon Leto
Answer: my Robbie is born in Fremont, Ohio
Answer: Absolutely yes. Bobby is my idol as actor, as fathe...
Answer: A manip pic of Matthew naked, [b]It's fake don't wo...
Answer: David Tennant : Hello John. I've got a question for...
Answer: Kidrauhl *Justin Bieber*
Answer: *_*
Answer: Guirao Diaz!