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Answer: chiseled cheeks<3
Answer: my yummy Aussie in b&w<3
Answer: my Aussie hottie,Chris<3
Answer: :)
Answer: my bimbo
Answer: smiley with shades :)
Answer: OMFG
Answer: Oh man!
Answer: JB!
Answer: ring around the Posey<3
Answer: Ryan Kwanten has a sexy bod!
Answer: my baby with facial hair
Answer: Rupert Everett!
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Charlie Bewley,from the Twilight Saga,participating...
Answer: James Marsden in velvet<3
Answer: Kellan Lutz<3
Answer: I l’amour this fond d’écran of Theo and Shailene from Div...
Answer: Go to 6:50! What a nut job David Letterman is..
Answer: Tommy
Answer: Justin Clynes.
Answer: Nolan Funk.
Answer: my handsome baby in a scene from Remember Me<3
Answer: Barrowbeauty!
Answer: my handsome Brit with bright lights<3
Answer: Tom
Answer: Jon!
Answer: my sexy Robert sitting on a barstool<3
Answer: I l’amour seeing his gorgeous smiles<3
Answer: Nicholas wearing a white jumper<3
Answer: deck the halls with Robsten,fa-la-la-la-la-la-la<3
Answer: Tay's abs<3
Answer: Colton being cute<3
Answer: Misha Collins!
Answer: Ruby Rose
Answer: J...
Answer: Harry Lloyd <3
Answer: Nick Hoult<3
Answer: <3
Answer: Richard against a plain background<3
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: Claflin's cute dimples<3
Answer: I like this one
Answer: Go to 0:36
Answer: Zack Q.
Answer: Scott Eastwood
Answer: Jamie in a tank top<3
Answer: Twilight hottie,Kellan Lutz with 2 of his Twilight...
Answer: Jonathan Rhys Meyers!
Answer: Bloom in jeans<3
Answer: the always stunning(and sexy)Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: Zac Efron younger!
Answer: Thailene in harnesses as they zipline<3
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Ruby Rose
Answer: DRJ
Answer: my soul <3
Answer: Jackson Rathbone<3
Answer: Leo :(
Answer: DB <3
Answer: Vince Kidd!
Answer: Dan
Answer: Chace with stubble<3
Answer: Ruby Rose
Answer: Lloyd!
Answer: Ben wearing a white shirt<3
Answer: Luke Mitchell.
Answer: are toi ready for something darker? HELL YEAH I AM!...
Answer: Scott not montrer his face<3
Answer: beautyyyy
Answer: Zac in purple<3
Answer: angry David <3
Answer: Jamie looking sexy in glasses<3
Answer: the chair is like his throne<3
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: Matt Cohen.
Answer: Taylor wearing black<3
Answer: Jared Leto with a crazy,but cool mohawk<3
Answer: when toi walk on water, toi need that thing
Answer: climbed on his billboard
Answer: I doooooooooo
Answer: Ben with the sun behind him<3
Answer: Kellan wearing tight trousers<3
Answer: Mitch Hewer
Answer: Rob looks totally awful and sick!! but Ben is aweso...
Answer: Stephen montrer his handsome face<3
Answer: for me
Answer: IM statue
Answer: Taylor with black hair<3
Answer: Taylor with jet black hair<3
Answer: Josh Cuthbert.
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: Nolan Gerard Funk
Answer: an outtake of my hottie from his Italian Vogue phot...
Answer: being bad cul, ass
Answer: a dark look on his face
Answer: like the outfit xD
Answer: Harry Lloyd <3