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Answer: Paul!
Answer: my Aussie hottie looking away<3
Answer: My beautiful man<33
Answer: Chace montrer his hand<3
Answer: Kevin surrounded par trees<3
Answer: Jack Falahee *_*
Answer: my Santa baby<3
Answer: Hes 48...HOW??!?!
Answer: Matthew wearing a football top. <333
Answer: Ruby Rose!!
Answer: Bieb loves food!
Answer: Nick Bateman *_*
Answer: Jack Falahee
Answer: Hiddles.
Answer: Shayne!
Answer: I'm Robsessed and I want the whole world to know it...
Answer: Boy Epic !
Answer: my prince
Answer: Cult <3
Answer: Kellan using his hands playing guitar<3
Answer: Andy Biersack
Answer: my babe looking sexy as f**k in that suit<3
Answer: my Aussie babe,Chris Hemsworth standing on haut, retour au début of a...
Answer: Jb<3
Answer: SS
Answer: DB
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Kidrauhl.
Answer: Nick Roux.
Answer: John - the ultimate fanboy!
Answer: Nick Bateman..WOW
Answer: sexy,sweaty Scotty<3
Answer: Marco Dapper montrer his sexy body<3
Answer: Sean O'Pry!
Answer: JB fact that Victoria will agree 100% with!!!
Answer: if l’amour is a drug,then Robert is my brand of heroin...
Answer: 6x derp-downey
Answer: my beautiful stunning Robsten with colored lights<3...
Answer: Harry Treadaway!
Answer: my gorgeous babe with his gorgeous face away from t...
Answer: Sakis, I'd like be the cake
Answer: Hrithik Roshan
Answer: that smile is sorely missed<3
Answer: he's simply amazing,just the way he is<3
Answer: my hot,sexy,stubbly babe,Theo<3
Answer: Brook Bros!
Answer: Chace with tattoos<3
Answer: my sexy baby and his magic fingers<3
Answer: zoot suit riot...British style<3
Answer: Ian's incredible eyes<3
Answer: my beautiful babe with his name written in black<3
Answer: that looks pretty real too
Answer: if he was a woman!
Answer: JB
Answer: Benedict..
Answer: Rob with windy,crazy hair<3
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Jared :D
Answer: Baptiste in b&w
Answer: Jonsey
Answer: Liam wearing black<3
Answer: JL
Answer: Benedict!
Answer: Josh Cuthbert!
Answer: Justin in Denim!
Answer: Didier Cohen.
Answer: my sweetie underwater<3
Answer: l’amour this picture of Scott Eastwood.
Answer: couldn't find any of my baby inside his hotel room,...
Answer: Nick bateman!
Answer: my baby at a bureau in a scene from Little Ashes<3
Answer: I've never seen this pic of my sweetie until now<3
Answer: dreamy Dornan<3
Answer: MDR and that´s a serial killer??
Answer: WTF is happening? What? Huh? WOW!
Answer: my sexy baby Robert with his hands behind his back<...
Answer: Garrett is VERY gorgeous<3
Answer: Andy Biersack *_*
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: Thumbs up for being hot!
Answer: My yummy boy, Matthew. <333
Answer: kinda sad and dramatic - as his character in Prison...
Answer: his fav sign ^^
Answer: XD still cant get over those jeans
Answer: Gorgeous L
Answer: Jb
Answer: Kellan in b&w<3
Answer: the sexy Irish hottie,Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: Marco is muy caliente!!!<3
Answer: Beau..beautiful!
Answer: handsome bb
Answer: Hrithik Roshan <3
Answer: BC
Answer: Peter Capaldi, the most récent actor to play The Do...
Answer: Gorgeous as ever
Answer: Oliver Cheshire
Answer: Jb!
Answer: Sweet Tom :))
Answer: my sexy,handsome babe in b&w<3
Answer: my sexy Robert<3