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Answer: Jensen looking up <3
Answer: my delicious babe
Answer: Nico tortorella<3
Answer: DB
Answer: yes, I want to! XD
Answer: aawww little Went
Answer: Channing Tatum wearing a hat<3
Answer: my handsome man wearing a dark color<3
Answer: Brandon Beemer and girlfriend Nadia Bjorlin.
Answer: my fave,sexy Aussie looking away<3
Answer: DAVID!!!!!!
Answer: I still consider Robert and Kristen a couple.I hope...
Answer: Nico Tortorella<3
Answer: I agree with this quote from my British babe<3
Answer: Justin Gaston
Answer: just gonna post him too, cuz I l’amour that pic
Answer: Drew from the side<3
Answer: Colton is P E R F E C T!
Answer: James Marsden
Answer: Stephen Amell!
Answer: Casey Deidrick
Answer: cool Jar
Answer: Chris Pine in black<3
Answer: DB
Answer: Well, Bowbow is a dog. Robert is a pig. And I'm...
Answer: Chace Crawford in black<3
Answer: J.Barrowman
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Scott Eastwood
Answer: Jamie in a white t-shirt<3
Answer: is this ok its the only one the back of taylors hea...
Answer: my Twilight babe with a green-ish background<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jamie Dornan
Answer: Ryan Kwanten shirtless <3
Answer: Jared Leto
Answer: Adam Levine has a lot of tatouages
Answer: Justin!
Answer: BK *_*
Answer: jensen
Answer: David Tennant!
Answer: Nina Dobrev
Answer: Cum
Answer: Lana Del Rey with Bowie in the background xD
Answer: just l’amour that pic
Answer: LB Smith
Answer: my hottie Hottinson on a motorcycle<3
Answer: Do toi like my collection? ahahahaha Do toi recogn...
Answer: My Matti with Michael Jackson :)
Answer: I wanna nibble and suck on that yummy ear<3
Answer: Robbie wet
Answer: my sexy fireman<3
Answer: Justin!!!
Answer: Michael C Hall
Answer: I like his character on Skins season 1. His stalker...
Answer: John Barrowman with his sister, Carole :)
Answer: Robert Redford
Answer: Marco Dapper.
Answer: Benny in a suit<3
Answer: Dehaan
Answer: Jesse Eisenberg<3
Answer: Dylan Sprayberry
Answer: Sean!
Answer: my baby,Robert holding a New Moon poster of his cha...
Answer: Aidan Gillen
Answer: Matt Felker!
Answer: Gabriel Mann
Answer: John today.
Answer: My beauty :'(
Answer: credit to ~supercluster-hong from deviantart
Answer: my sexy baby in sepia<3
Answer: my sexy Theo in high contrast<3
Answer: Adam Senn.
Answer: My Scottish Bitch.
Answer: Cam in a leather jacket<3
Answer: Nick
Answer: ANdy
Answer: James Marsden
Answer: cutie Rob :´xD
Answer: Major Celliers <333
Answer: my British babe and my American beauty<3
Answer: David
Answer: Tom Felton looking up<3
Answer: Biersack!
Answer: enjoying what he's doing <3
Answer: So gorgeous!
Answer: mid 30 Rob. looking totally different than today
Answer: Wes Bentley
Answer: Adam Senn
Answer: Leto <3
Answer: yummmmm *-*
Answer: Matt Felker :)
Answer: My Gorgeous Man!
Answer: Kellan with light colored hair<3
Answer: after a feu
Answer: my handsome Robert s’embrasser his Twilight leading lad...
Answer: Cumberbatch :)
Answer: Chris Pine <33333
Answer: Zac pointing
Answer: Paul Walker in a blue shirt<3