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Answer: Zack ... *-*
Answer: Bowser <3333
Answer: Zac Efron/Justin Bieber
Answer: Paul Wesley
Answer: Jack White
Answer: Thomas in cannes *_*
Answer: let me eat him...please-? XD
Answer: I l’amour the brown spot in Tony's awesome green eyes
Answer: my sexy devil
Answer: nawwwwwww
Answer: though choice when he´s bad 90%
Answer: god
Answer: Downey looking away :)
Answer: Jackson and Lydia.
Answer: my adorable Aussie hottie<3
Answer: haha Pepper, Tony and ...oh... Patrick xD
Answer: "You're my only love". The way he a dit that was so...
Answer: sparkling babe
Answer: Bowie is good at that XD
Answer: 54??? hell no
Answer: RK my l’amour <3
Answer: Jason's cute laugh
Answer: enjoy his bat ears <3
Answer: tow fists? XD
Answer: cutie
Answer: Matthew with his niece, Charli and he's wearing a t...
Answer: ...jeans! ;)
Answer: Oscar winner Jared Leto with his mom<3
Answer: awww to cute :D
Answer: jup that's the look...
Answer: Bad boy look *_*
Answer: My man in a suit <3333
Answer: Gabe Mann *dead*
Answer: watch from 0:06 - 1:15 XD
Answer: Matthew eying on Brooke Nevin's breast because she'...
Answer: DT
Answer: Luke Evans looking up<3
Answer: my sexy,wet Robert in the water with Kristen Stewar...
Answer: Back to the Fifties with Matt Bomer! (photoshoot fo...
Answer: *dies*
Answer: My little chiot
Answer: double-puppy-power xP
Answer: he has a cute face...
Answer: Robert Stark
Answer: Neal and Alex sharing a sweet moment after their re...
Answer: l’amour that pic!!
Answer: Matthew Bomer - Neal Caffrey (a scene from the Pilo...
Answer: Michael Ealy. I think he's beautiful
Answer: Those captivating blue eyes... <3
Answer: Nicholas Hoult
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: mine x
Answer: Misha!
Answer: l’amour it when he smiles like that! :D
Answer: 2 sexy for his chemise :)
Answer: Mikey's furrowed eyebrows
Answer: I l’amour Orlando's original style. :)
Answer: <3
Answer: he's like: It's mine ... get your own ^^
Answer: Rob Pattinson age 26. <33333
Answer: Rob was 27 when he played in The Paper Chase. no id...
Answer: My sexy man montrer two of his yummy fingers <33333...
Answer: l’amour Tony's features
Answer: Robbie ina car
Answer: mine :)
Answer: Taylor's beautiful,dreamy coffee brown eyes<3
Answer: my sexy Jamie montrer his hands<3
Answer: Hmm... well, we're both white, American, have darke...
Answer: I know they're not together,but in my eyes and in m...
Answer: My sexy football boy looking very cute!!!! <333333...
Answer: Josh! <3
Answer: Hugh Laurie signing a T-shirt ;D
Answer: sure I could do that.....or not xD
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Matt in a photoshoot some years il y a (he's jumping i...
Answer: Chris Pine <3
Answer: my handsome rayon, ray of sunshine with a yellow backgroun...
Answer: Logan Lerman ♡
Answer: my hottie in a photoshoot, wearing a beige t-shirt...
Answer: my gorgeous Robert looking down<3
Answer: I l’amour him! ♥♥
Answer: the Thin White Duke
Answer: my sexy Robert looking down<3
Answer: 2coloured Jared
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: swagga in black and gold! *-*
Answer: Swamp boat. For an ep of Bones.
Answer: Thomas :)))
Answer: I wanna live on that farm with him
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: My sexy man in black. <3333
Answer: happy tweet about Gabe's shoes
Answer: l’amour this pic
Answer: my hero
Answer: Here
Answer: Rob and his sister
Answer: Jensen :) :)
Answer: JB!
Answer: both jackets are cool and both men are hot ! :P
Answer: happiness aint in his vocabulary XD