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Answer: Here toi go
Answer: waant one of them xD
Answer: Here
Answer: 2 Roberts...I'm in heaven<3
Answer: hard decision
Answer: king Tony
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Rob is always skinny, but here especially
Answer: Rob as a baby xD
Answer: Dave looking sexy as usual ;)
Answer: I enjoyed the blonde. And the lion fluffiness of co...
Answer: creepy pic
Answer: My éditer of John Barrowman xD MDR
Answer: Jensen
Answer: mine x
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: my hot baby just got a whole lot hotter<3
Answer: cute puppy-eyes ♥
Answer: Johnny boy! <3
Answer: my sexylicious Robert with his head slightly up<3
Answer: Joaquin Phoenix
Answer: Anakin (Hayden) 'burning' :(
Answer: there aren't many people that are smaller than my e...
Answer: looking cute! ^^
Answer: Taylor Hottner wearing a striped shirt<3
Answer: Gabri
Answer: Mean girls moment MDR
Answer: my baby with some of his body cut off in the pictur...
Answer: Kellan looking hot in black<3
Answer: Matthew from Cheats thinking of something. :)
Answer: MDR Rob
Answer: my baby,in a scene from Twilight pushing away a van...
Answer: close up!!!
Answer: G-thunk, thud, crunch.
Answer: my baby with a far away look on his gorgeous face<3...
Answer: Robbie walking in his beloved woods, taken from the...
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Paul <3
Answer: JB
Answer: Sam
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Kneppy
Answer: elf
Answer: so many Robbies credit: Simmeh <333
Answer: Jared looking soooo cool in that hat<3
Answer: blue t-shirt under his veste
Answer: seeexy man!
Answer: my hottie
Answer: Petyr Baelish <3
Answer: Gerard Butler.
Answer: thinking Rob
Answer: my hubby <3
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness :3
Answer: My poor Baby looking worried. <33
Answer: too dreamy
Answer: Daniel Ewing getting dressed ;)
Answer: JB!
Answer: Dr. Knepper
Answer: Anthony Stewart Head Nickname: Tony born: 20 Febr...
Answer: one of his cutest smiles :)
Answer: Garrett wearing black<3
Answer: Rob's profil
Answer: DB
Answer: Mr. Stark
Answer: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him with stubble
Answer: a quote from my sexy British baby<3
Answer: Brandon Beemer's sexy blue eyes
Answer: my sexy Jamie in a t-shirt<3
Answer: my Jensen <3
Answer: one of my favs
Answer: Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow
Answer: It always does. He's a very skinny guy
Answer: I plus than like,I l’amour my baby's beautiful eyebrow...
Answer: Matthew wearing a Beatles shirt. :)
Answer: A scene from Atame (Tie me up, tie me down)
Answer: interested Rob?? that is very rare. most of the tim...
Answer: Kellan jumping from the rocks for Men's Health phot...
Answer: Kevin Zegers
Answer: haha wanna do some playin with Anthony
Answer: How are toi not gay???? it gets interesting from 2...
Answer: in black
Answer: ...BARROWMAN *shakes fist*
Answer: whatever he's staring at, it's a lucky thing
Answer: Hunter Parrish holding ice cream <3
Answer: David Boreanaz <3
Answer: my swagga
Answer: my smexy smirker<3
Answer: my handsome Robert with a colorful blurry backgroun...
Answer: Hugh Jackman wearing pink:)
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Gary Oldman!
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: John Barrowman for Victoria:)
Answer: Cillian Murphy
Answer: my gorgeous,sexy Angel in the light<3
Answer: my two obsessions *-*
Answer: Cranston, Esposito and the rest of Breaking Bad cas...
Answer: my l’amour
Answer: Mockingbird <3
Answer: Zac <3