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Answer: I can't understand why people like Rob's hair when...
Answer: Rob always was the baddie with a gun
Answer: red suit - ok?
Answer: my gorgeous babe with his arms out<3
Answer: Misha Collins being fricking adorable while looking...
Answer: my sexy Robert in a white shirt<3
Answer: NAwww
Answer: with his doggy
Answer: aw Jared
Answer: l’amour his hair here
Answer: Chris Evans
Answer: Smart Hiddles!
Answer: my yummylicious Rob looking to the left,with a litt...
Answer: My baby and I are both Aries <3
Answer: JEVE<333
Answer: sorry wha-?
Answer: there is my confused hottie <33
Answer: soo cute!^^
Answer: <3333333333333 gotta l’amour Rob & Marie
Answer: Matthew wearing a rose shirt. :)
Answer: Bowser
Answer: I'd l’amour to see Alex & Zac in a movie together!
Answer: Paul Walker in Fast&Furious 6,which I watched about...
Answer: my Bobby's magical hand
Answer: Bowhands
Answer: Robert Pattinson♥ For ebcullen4ever
Answer: My sexy confused man!!! <333
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: Derek Hough<3
Answer: Rob'S Wiki pic in most languages
Answer: :) his quote when he won an award! ^^
Answer: my handsome Robert with his haut, retour au début chemise opened<3
Answer: my handsome baby in the back siège of a limo,in a pr...
Answer: Evil guys look awesome in black. Creepy
Answer: Matthew with Rachel McAdams in The Hot Chick, hopin...
Answer: Eddie in Jupiter Ascending
Answer: Matt Bomer ... THUD! .. (White collier S4x09 Gloves...
Answer: Bloody nose
Answer: a younger Zac<3
Answer: Antonio wearing blue...
Answer: TEDDY!!!!
Answer: Chris Pine looking so fine in this scarf<3
Answer: haha luv them together ^^
Answer: my handsome Robert in a scene from Twilight with pa...
Answer: MDR the bitch-please-look
Answer: Jensen Ackles in "Devour" I forgot what scene it is...
Answer: I hate Golf but I'll only play it if Ryan is there...
Answer: my 2nd fav actor is taylor lautner *_*
Answer: Is this Blue ou Black?
Answer: couldn't help myself. so hot!
Answer: =3
Answer: CJH<3
Answer: David <3
Answer: Colton Haynes *_*
Answer: salut Jude
Answer: funny derp ^^
Answer: Brandon Beemer has amazing blue eyes! <33333333333...
Answer: ignore his wrinkles MDR
Answer: JL <3
Answer: sorry, I have only Tony
Answer: sweetie :3
Answer: Luke Evans :)
Answer: Kevin Zegers
Answer: Robert's eyes are a beautiful blue,like liquid sapp...
Answer: my l’amour <3
Answer: this quality is very gooooood
Answer: There is an arm near him but I am stunned par his ey...
Answer: Here toi go
Answer: Jared
Answer: Jodi
Answer: Matt Bomer's shadow is sexy :)
Answer: newest pic of Rob, pretending to be modeling for hi...
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness♥
Answer: that's my chiot <333
Answer: Brad's blue eyes are to die for!!!
Answer: Dr. EVIL
Answer: only for Tünde, since the rest of toi people don't...
Answer: "Yes xXxJDloverxXx I'll be accueil in time for dinner"...
Answer: Bright White like his smile. =D
Answer: Jared Padalecki
Answer: my teddy bear!!!!!!!!!!!!! wanna caress his cute be...
Answer: Elijah Wood
Answer: Downey *-*
Answer: here is my pic of Jackson Rathbone,from the Twiligh...
Answer: here is my sexy Robert crossing his arms<3
Answer: brand-new dad Jensen taking photos on the set of Su...
Answer: Haha Tony stark
Answer: Nico *_*
Answer: makes me shine but kinda scared too
Answer: Tony as Capn Hook
Answer: Jodi shoot
Answer: tis god
Answer: Tony <333
Answer: here's my baby and Kristen Stewart,as Edward&Bella,...
Answer: Right now, I'm using this cute pic of my Baby. <333...
Answer: Rodi manip
Answer: Bowie hair
Answer: Sexy Matt in white :)
Answer: staight into the camera and into my soul! :O
Answer: sexy Billy boy