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Answer: Rob and his knives
Answer: Jared
Answer: cool
Answer: Jar
Answer: J.Bieber!
Answer: James!
Answer: Alex Pettyfer & his ex girlfriend Dianna Agron <3
Answer: JB in a tank top<3
Answer: robert
Answer: my Bobby in grey ♥
Answer: BooBoo :D
Answer: my beautiful Kristen<3
Answer: Leo dicaprio
Answer: Taylor with a cute shocked expression on his face<3...
Answer: my favourite Ken doll on GAY NEWS XD
Answer: Robert Carlyle
Answer: Bowie
Answer: :P
Answer: Jake Hold
Answer: Brandon Beemer has an incredible face! <3
Answer: Gabrista
Answer: Gabe and Emily Browning
Answer: Chace Crawford - Gossip Girl.
Answer: OMG David
Answer: shiny boy!
Answer: who else?my gorgeous Robert with the beautiful Kris...
Answer: JB,Victoria's Canadian babe,who is 19 years old<3
Answer: :)
Answer: Lee Pace
Answer: my creep
Answer: GM <3
Answer: the Beast who is cool and sexy
Answer: I´m so in l’amour with this pic of Rob
Answer: Jones <3
Answer: He looks like chocolat in that suit.Mmmm,chocolate...
Answer: JB!!
Answer: <3
Answer: Justin!
Answer: David <3
Answer: tumblr. cuz I'm through Google already xD
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe!
Answer: John gave me this champagne at panto on Christmas E...
Answer: baby blue
Answer: Rob in Pointman collage
Answer: DB
Answer: Leo ;(((
Answer: Quinto
Answer: John B!
Answer: haha swagga!^^
Answer: Bowie hair
Answer: I'd give anything for just one piece of that style...
Answer: these “Baby Doe Eyes” *-*
Answer: l’amour of my life ♥♥♥
Answer: swagga man
Answer: Robert's sexy hand<3
Answer: Kellan looking handsome in a v-neck t-shirt<3
Answer: paging Dr.Robert Hottinson<3
Answer: Cory <3
Answer: in a bibliothèque
Answer: alien Bowie
Answer: fluffy princess
Answer: The Barrowsmile
Answer: Jake
Answer: Dave Franco
Answer: Chris Hemsworth looking away<3
Answer: ZQ ♥
Answer: RIP "Bowzer" . This man will NEVER be forgotten. He...
Answer: asdfghjk very young Bow *_*
Answer: Chris Hemsworth with his Thor toy action figure<3
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: on set of Lost anges
Answer: too pretty <3333
Answer: smexy half-smile
Answer: my handsome baby in a bathtub<3
Answer: the triple Robert X factor<3
Answer: nico
Answer: Robert and Kristen's beautiful smiles<3
Answer: I l’amour this couple sooooooo much <333
Answer: Misha<3
Answer: CW <3
Answer: Jonsey
Answer: <3 l’amour that pic <3
Answer: toi shine bright like a diamond,baby<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan looking to the side<3
Answer: the smoking hot Jamie<3
Answer: my Irish hottie,Jamie<3
Answer: my British beauty wearing a shirt<3
Answer: Mikey<3
Answer: this guy of course
Answer: Matthew feeling disgusted
Answer: I l’amour him!
Answer: <3333333
Answer: Matthew holding a football while his hands are duct...
Answer: Gabey
Answer: my hottie from down under<3
Answer: Nico Tortorella smiling <3
Answer: yep
Answer: Andrew Hayden Smith.
Answer: Jensen :)
Answer: Barrowarrow!