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Answer: my handsome babe in a blue shirt<3
Answer: Rob clenching fists
Answer: Here is Jackson Rathbone(Robert's Twilight co-star)...
Answer: Gabriel Mann<3
Answer: I so wanna do Matthew <3333333
Answer: That smooth brown hair. Yum
Answer: haha Kiss Kiss bang bang ^^
Answer: my baby's beautiful,sexy eyebrows<3
Answer: proud of my Bowie chemise
Answer: Hugh Laurie <3
Answer: easy one for Knepper fans
Answer: :P hot, cute, sexy, out of this world
Answer: Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: Robert's sexy,big eyebrows<3
Answer: indescribable<3
Answer: my doggy
Answer: my handsome baby with his sexy,kissable rose lips<3...
Answer: Matt Lanter.
Answer: Jon <3
Answer: :)
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Leandro Lima.
Answer: my tiger xD
Answer: like a little kid
Answer: there goes my baby
Answer: Bowie chant in the rain <3
Answer: hmm .... errr .... that's the point where I'm out w...
Answer: Matthew montrer his muscular tummy!!! :P
Answer: always on the phone
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: John :)
Answer: David B *_*
Answer: Halloween Tony
Answer: Sakis Rouvas with a beautiful skin tone, well, he b...
Answer: Matt Bomer's sexy shadow :)
Answer: I find this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute <333
Answer: David
Answer: Jésus with his mouth open<3
Answer: Jensen and Jared both born in texas :)
Answer: who else?????????
Answer: the dramatic faces of Bobby * touching * (I lo...
Answer: Sometime Tom's hair are gnger! *-* Robbo is behind...
Answer: My yummy Babe in B&W <33333333
Answer: two perfect Gigandets
Answer: my sexy baby in a military uniform<3
Answer: BC
Answer: Derek Theler <3
Answer: Gabriel IS perfect
Answer: cool place to live
Answer: Matthew's head slanted. :)
Answer: Here :)
Answer: Teddy?
Answer: alexander skarsgard
Answer: a drawing of my handsome British babe<3
Answer: *drools* :P
Answer: mighty Max in a dark color<3
Answer: John Barrowman<33
Answer: Jesse Williams!
Answer: this is beyond adorable<3
Answer: well , it seems so ^^
Answer: :***
Answer: my émeraude boy
Answer: Matt Smith <3
Answer: Val Kilmer
Answer: Jared Leto
Answer: Dornan veins<3
Answer: my handsome Robert in a waistcoat<3
Answer: hmmm hot Downster <3
Answer: Orlando <3
Answer: Enoch
Answer: well...who wouldn't xD
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Adam Gregory<3
Answer: very nice for me xD
Answer: too cool for life! :D
Answer: Billy Grimm 4eva
Answer: A black and with Ian♥♥
Answer: Mensah reminds me of Lance Reddick who is 51. They...
Answer: quite a bit
Answer: sexy Taylor
Answer: Jar with a hat
Answer: Ian Somerhalder with his cat.
Answer: silver renard <3333333333
Answer: Beautiful scenery and one hot Matt Bomer :)
Answer: hubby
Answer: JOHN *_*
Answer: JB<3
Answer: I l’amour this one... Such a perfect body <3
Answer: my handsome rayon, ray of sunshine<3
Answer: ♥Ian♥:
Answer: Tony in Repo! The Genetic Opera
Answer: Tony wearing awesome stuff xD
Answer: hehe ooohh Robbo!^^
Answer: <3
Answer: :))
Answer: So gorgeous
Answer: Booth<3
Answer: hot and funny XD