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Answer: John Barrowman and Eve Myles!
Answer: <3
Answer: Colton!
Answer: Dougie Poynter
Answer: Janto!
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness♥
Answer: =3
Answer: handsome honey
Answer: Here's mine))))
Answer: Well, this takes all jour to watch xD
Answer: John Barrowman! :P
Answer: Channing Tatum with spiky hair
Answer: Sherly with hands in pockets - that pic is hair-p...
Answer: oh so adorable <3
Answer: the are-you-kiddin-me look xD
Answer: RK & RDJ have a lot common: cheshire cat grin, étoile, star...
Answer: My manly sexy Matthew!!!! <3333
Answer: hope this counts :)
Answer: MB:)
Answer: Bowie the god
Answer: Nemily <3
Answer: MDR Matthew Lawrence & Will Friedle as Jack Hunter...
Answer: Robert Knepper - always will be my fav
Answer: my gorgeous,sexy Robert(with Kristen Stewart),doing...
Answer: Here
Answer: I could drown in those eyes
Answer: Here :)
Answer: <3
Answer: My hotties adorable smile
Answer: swagga downster
Answer: Robbie looking up
Answer: :)
Answer: Matthew has the most sexiest hair ever!! <333333
Answer: Tyler Posey :)
Answer: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness♥
Answer: broken-hearted Teddy :(
Answer: Henry ♡
Answer: silly sweety! xP
Answer: Cool fanart that someone made for Alex <3
Answer: the Knepper
Answer: my Robbie <33
Answer: Taylor doing a photoshoot on the plage
Answer: my Angel...
Answer: Paul Walker,my fave American born hottie,with his d...
Answer: like that one :))
Answer: my oh so sexy baby with a light shining on his gorg...
Answer: bae
Answer: thats mine ... Rob of coz XD
Answer: ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Young sexy Matt Bomer :)
Answer: my slut XD Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Answer: sweaty Knepper :P
Answer: Hunter Parrish <3
Answer: James McAvoy has stunning blue eyes :)
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Candyman *-*
Answer: awwwwww,Robert with his WFE co-star,Christoph Waltz...
Answer: John :)
Answer: there is one ya know - I know I'm sorry it may soun...
Answer: come here my pup <3
Answer: cast from the film american beauty
Answer: Christian Bale ♡
Answer: l’amour Breaking Bad
Answer: baby of Gabriel Mann and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Answer: wow so bright
Answer: I dunno why, but my Robert doesn't seem to have one...
Answer: My sweet Lee Pace looking very different as the Elv...
Answer: Little Matti between his on screen parents. :)
Answer: Too many cute smiles to choose from, so I chose thi...
Answer: the CW
Answer: Tom looking up *-*
Answer: Matt at the IN TIME press conference <33333
Answer: modest downey XD
Answer: So freaking cute!!!!! <333333
Answer: How adorable my chiot can get
Answer: I l’amour Rob's pout
Answer: my baby (on the far L) edited into this HS Musical...
Answer: hehe Rob Knepper - the definition of sexy pecs xD
Answer: John Barrowman barefoot♥
Answer: :))
Answer: an ugly pic of our favies? I like his eyes here but...
Answer: Rob on Heroes
Answer: Does that count as sport?? cuz for my Rob it counts...
Answer: Joey and Matthew as little children <333
Answer: Here
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: Chester Bennington!!
Answer: Teddy
Answer: Mark Salling
Answer: loki TT
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in a brown coat<3
Answer: U.S flag :]
Answer: my baby looking sexy in every single picture that y...
Answer: Ollie from Earth-2 standing on the balcony of "Ace...
Answer: Happy Birthday,you sexy Scot...you don't look a jour...
Answer: cuti
Answer: Sexy Matt in jeans ....
Answer: Rob the BOSS
Answer: Hawke <3