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Answer: smart Robbie
Answer: so hot, he needs lots of ice
Answer: Gabe <3
Answer: Efron
Answer: My éditer of Matthew with chevaux :)
Answer: credit: fuckyeahtheodorebagwell
Answer: Justin and Avalanna.
Answer: Theo's sexy tongue<3
Answer: Robert Downey Jr. playing with himself - haha that...
Answer: Diamond Dog
Answer: my happy,handsome hotty<3
Answer: Batch
Answer: NEWEST GABE pic <33333333333
Answer: dark Jar
Answer: fluffy Dave
Answer: N'awww John :D
Answer: my perfect alien <3
Answer: Pierce
Answer: JB!
Answer: if it wasn't for those stupid marks again :/
Answer: Jared
Answer: All round entertainer!
Answer: hello there
Answer: sexy Mann
Answer: Bowie !!1
Answer: Ryan Cooper
Answer: Gabe Mann and Emily VanCamp
Answer: His chemise looks cool!! :)
Answer: my god
Answer: Jared with blue paint on his face<3
Answer: Theo and his sexy swagga strut<3
Answer: I'm amazed ;)
Answer: my stunningly sexy Robert<3
Answer: Kieron.
Answer: Spidey étoile, star 'Tobey'
Answer: Jeve<3
Answer: Max Thieriot
Answer: smiling Mann
Answer: Aidan's eyes <3
Answer: They ruin lovely pictures -_-
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: My sad chiot l’amour <33333
Answer: Jared with a far away vacant look<3
Answer: my yummy Teddy
Answer: Robbie has cute hands
Answer: Justin!
Answer: Kellan wearing a hat<3
Answer: :*
Answer: Jackson.
Answer: Just to let toi know, that sign behind him says: "W...
Answer: Zac montrer his armpit<3
Answer: Michael Fassbender!!!
Answer: I l’amour this picture!
Answer: Jensen with his wife Danneel and daughter JJ :)
Answer: Alex with a cig
Answer: even drinking
Answer: my newest hottie,Jamie is sooooooo f***ing hot<3
Answer: Jonathan in Dracula
Answer: Gabriel Mann
Answer: my cutie ♥♥♥ how can someone look so magnific...
Answer: hot guy,cool car<3
Answer: I'm just gonna leave this here...
Answer: bad quality - Tony in the musical Chess my fav par...
Answer: taylor :)
Answer: John Barrowman *_*
Answer: Anton Yelchin holding his knee.
Answer: GM
Answer: my baby wearing a black leather jacket...
Answer: omg this picture is so adorable! <3
Answer: all hail Jesus<3
Answer: Jared wearing trousers<3
Answer: way too easy,Robert and Kristen...naturally<3
Answer: Every time I see this scene,it always makes me sad:...
Answer: John's sending out kisses to all "Barrowmaniacs" ou...
Answer: Downey in prison :'((
Answer: so handsome here ...
Answer: Garrett looking to the side<3
Answer: MDR also not biased, I go with Rob xD
Answer: douche selfie from yesterday!!
Answer: Paul Bettany. =3 Actually it's sort of 8 pack lo...
Answer: Scott Eastwood with a sexy stare<3
Answer: Robert Pattinson dated his Twilight Saga leading la...
Answer: ChadMichaelMurray<3
Answer: l’amour his face
Answer: mch with sky
Answer: GM
Answer: j2
Answer: John - Captain Jack Harkness!
Answer: Gabe <3
Answer: Ziggy, hell yeah
Answer: l’amour his hair
Answer: Josh Cuthbert.
Answer: the D
Answer: my handsome Robert looking to the side<3
Answer: Tony is even cute as demon
Answer: J
Answer: Kristen Stewart making my baby laugh.I l’amour his lau...
Answer: who walks like this xD ??
Answer: Tony's eyes always shine when he's sad
Answer: he aged so well *_*