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Answer: l’amour l’amour l’amour l’amour Nico's hair! <333333333
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Simon Neil <3
Answer: I really hope I get to experience this at Purpose T...
Answer: Tim curry, au curry as Pennywise the clown
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Tom Mison
Answer: Jamie on the cover of Details magazine<3
Answer: I'm in the mood to suck on some yummy British ear c...
Answer: Brant in a rose shirt<3
Answer: Matthew wearing a baseball uniform. :)
Answer: The Jean Master!
Answer: Pattinson's perfect rose lips<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan from the side<3
Answer: Mr. Sexy!
Answer: G Mann
Answer: sweaty hot Jared<3
Answer: robbie <33
Answer: WOW!!!!
Answer: gosh that pic is pretty scray for Downey ...
Answer: Nolan Funk Gerard *_*
Answer: Capn Knepper
Answer: my babe with a bunch of watermarks(which I hate)<3
Answer: Vince Kidd.
Answer: hahah my handsome sweety x))
Answer: Logan Lerman <3
Answer: Never heard of this guy
Answer: Guess who? - Tom Hiddleston
Answer: Rob lire a newspaper
Answer: does this count?here is my Robert on purple wallpap...
Answer: he's global, ensemble so veiny
Answer: Nick!
Answer: John Barrowman - Capt.Jack Harkness :'(
Answer: Dave
Answer: Jen!<3
Answer: my goofy,but lovable Robert<3
Answer: Harry Lloyd
Answer: One of my favs of maxi Igleasias.
Answer: so hawt! - O_____o he should be my new sport teach...
Answer: Robert Pattinson lying on a rug.This is one of my f...
Answer: Garrett Hedlund<3
Answer: the alien
Answer: who else
Answer: my gorgeous Robert from the side.I will take him fr...
Answer: my beautiful boy
Answer: *_*
Answer: Jamie in a shirt<3
Answer: Dan wearing purple<3
Answer: Max in a red suit<3
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: happy Jar
Answer: Luke in black<3
Answer: <3
Answer: Garrett Hedlund!
Answer: R.I.P,Paul.We all miss toi plus than you'll know<3
Answer: Rob dressing up for Jude ^^
Answer: John Barrowman
Answer: Robert with Susan wearing sun glasses :))
Answer: Jensen
Answer: *-* gros morceau, hunk
Answer: Glass araign? e, araignée era
Answer: Ansel and Shailene<3
Answer: Henry with dark hair<3
Answer: Adam Gregory
Answer: Barrowbabe.
Answer: my hubby
Answer: Captain Jack.
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz has a smooth body<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Nick Wechsler
Answer: creepy Bow
Answer: Dominic Sherwood
Answer: sucha baby
Answer: Matt in underwear<3
Answer: Chris Waltz
Answer: John is very passionate about a lot of things,inclu...
Answer: Zegs
Answer: tongue!
Answer: my sexy Aussie outside<3
Answer: Kellan Lutz and his very large "package"<3
Answer: Paul Walker on The Hours poster,which opens on Dec....
Answer: my babe *_*
Answer: well J.A.R.V.I.S. is Tonys Computer XD
Answer: Rob in a wetsuit
Answer: haha l’amour the pullover xD
Answer: David
Answer: Kellan with the sun shining on him<3
Answer: actor/singer Jared Leto with a shaved head<3
Answer: My Kidd.
Answer: Chris Waltz
Answer: Teddy
Answer: Chord Overstreet!
Answer: Georg Listing. just luv this pic
Answer: shiny ♥
Answer: golden wool
Answer: Jack Falahee
Answer: :P
Answer: Sexy Duncan<3
Answer: Jared in purple
Answer: stare me to death, plz :O