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Answer: my handsome Robert who is a living piece of art<3
Answer: Jensen :)
Answer: Alex O'loughlin, he's on feu
Answer: My Baby montrer l’amour with a rose. <333 <333
Answer: that scene never hurts xD
Answer: damn David! :P
Answer: promo for his new album
Answer: I really want them back together!!!!!!!!!<3
Answer: Zac Efron<3
Answer: Nico with an ear montrer <3
Answer: A tribute to Annale! :'( Where is she?
Answer: my handsome Rob wearing a Santa hat.I know what I w...
Answer: my Robert making a hand gesture<3
Answer: we miss toi every jour Paul<3
Answer: Matt & his brother, Andy who's wearing glasses. :)
Answer: Matt <3
Answer: my lovely Sammy
Answer: Jon Kortajarena!
Answer: Tin Machine <3
Answer: Jamie Dornan,who has been cast as Christian Grey,lo...
Answer: <33 Rob <33
Answer: Tom :))))))
Answer: My canadian baby and Rob ;)
Answer: MikeyRay in a red tshirt
Answer: Bowie eyes <333
Answer: model Bow
Answer: Made this!
Answer: Blurred Matthew running. :)
Answer: Joseph Fiennes
Answer: awww David
Answer: Misha Collins doing his ice bucket challenge earlie...
Answer: one of my absolute fave pics of Robert s’embrasser Kris...
Answer: bowtie Gabe
Answer: Gabe's thing brows
Answer: I think Drew van Acker is without a doubt so obviou...
Answer: aidan gillen
Answer: Nico in b&w <3
Answer: Jensen's hand
Answer: David Bowie !!
Answer: Two actors screaming
Answer: Bowser
Answer: Bowie!!
Answer: Jb
Answer: Matt LeBlanc from Friends. :)
Answer: Robert,Kristen and Taylor...the Twilight trio<3
Answer: cute angle boy *O*
Answer: Torchwood<3
Answer: Mariano Di Vaio
Answer: Volcanic hot and super cute <333333
Answer: *_*
Answer: Rob Knepper!! :)
Answer: Mehmet Akif Alakurt
Answer: yummy
Answer: Mr. Zac <33333333333333
Answer: Alfie Enoch
Answer: Rob
Answer: I was waiting for this theme... my dear licks his L...
Answer: my fav Heroes couple
Answer: My Honey!! Matthew Lawrence!!! <333333333333333
Answer: JB<3
Answer: my baby's chiseled cheekbones...pure perfection<3
Answer: Chris&Liam Hemsworth<3
Answer: <3
Answer: the Biebs in a yellow shirt<3
Answer: taylor
Answer: Rob in them jeans. <3
Answer: my sexy handsome man :D
Answer: Chace Crawford
Answer: his smile is creepy
Answer: Matthew's co star, Rachel McAdams (The Hot Chick)....
Answer: Little Matthew wearing a striped shirt. <333
Answer: Gary
Answer: Annasophia Robb
Answer: Rainn Wilson
Answer: my sexy Robert in a white chemise from his Dior photo...
Answer: with Jennifer Connelly
Answer: Robert leaning his head against Kristen's head in a...
Answer: Adam:D one of my favori singers!
Answer: killer-smile
Answer: sexy and he knows it<3
Answer: I dont have a favourite.All the pics are the best X...
Answer: John Deluca from Teen plage Movie.
Answer: Sara's Supernatural hotty,Jensen:)
Answer: I´ve seen every episode of Torchwood. John is real...
Answer: my Robert making a funny growl face.Very adorable g...
Answer: My hot boy, Matti!! <33333
Answer: Luke Guldan toi hot hot man!!!
Answer: my handsome baby facing to the left and to the righ...
Answer: my baby with his name in yellow<3
Answer: sweater Gabe
Answer: Baptiste with dark hair
Answer: Alfred
Answer: Liam :*
Answer: I l’amour Robbie in the dark
Answer: my baby doing the same thing over and over<3
Answer: Jake :))
Answer: alien <3
Answer: my handsome Robert with écriture on the picture<3
Answer: Chord Overstreet with a red guitare <3
Answer: Matt and Stephen