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Answer: Zac's gorgeous face
Answer: EAly
Answer: Oh sweet Jesus<3
Answer: chris pine
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: My man, Mark Salling
Answer: Matt Bomer - Mr. Neal Caffrey from "White Collar" (...
Answer: Rumpelstiltskin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
Answer: Hough!
Answer: Matt driving a car
Answer: John Barrowman with sunglasses on ;) Just to reflec...
Answer: scary! :O
Answer: Haha
Answer: Matt Bomer in a dark red chemise :)
Answer: Nicholas Hoult
Answer: les cuties! *-*
Answer: >.>
Answer: Healthy and hot! <3
Answer: from the '90s
Answer: Sexy Matt :)
Answer: Rufus with some Jelly/Jello hehe =D
Answer: Happy Alex :)
Answer: My babe, Dan Radcliffe! I'd do him anyimte.
Answer: Johnny Depp
Answer: Jamie looking incredibly sexy<3
Answer: Here is my Robert with 4 of his male co-stars from...
Answer: Matt Bomer Butt :) warning :)
Answer: whether he's wearing leather ou just holding it,it...
Answer: for XxxFUMMxxX - Robert Knepper (who really looks h...
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: Jeremy Renner!
Answer: could be his cat monty ...
Answer: my handsome Robert in my fave color shirt,which bri...
Answer: xD
Answer: Dean Winchester
Answer: Super sexy stunning Sam
Answer: Sam claflin in SWATH
Answer: shhh it's a camera^^
Answer: the funny thing is ... that's not the only pin-up g...
Answer: JB!
Answer: :O
Answer: I need plus pics of him smiling
Answer: Jared
Answer: they are flawless
Answer: John & Carole!
Answer: mine :)
Answer: Mario and his wife
Answer: RK :D
Answer: Knepper biker
Answer: Jared :(
Answer: I l’amour MY MATTHEW 4 EVA!!!! <33333333
Answer: Rodi <3
Answer: Rodi cuteness
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin
Answer: a cute GIF of my handsome baby.Here's the link to s...
Answer: Sams words of wisdom <3
Answer: bright enough? well, it blinds me already! :P
Answer: sittin Jar
Answer: my vampy Rob
Answer: Gabriel is awesome
Answer: here
Answer: Robert...SO HOT! ♥
Answer: Kidrauhl!
Answer: probably thinking where to get feu
Answer: dirty and still pretty
Answer: My honey with sexy stubble! <3
Answer: C. Thomas Howell with sky behind him as 'Ponyboy Cu...
Answer: Ben
Answer: Dean Winchester has died lots of times but is alway...
Answer: dressed as Sinatra
Answer: clear choice for me
Answer: David Bowie's eyes are unique - due to an injury on...
Answer: cutest hat for the cutest boy x3
Answer: John Barrowman with his husband, Scott Gill<3 He...
Answer: Luke Grimes
Answer: UFFF *dies* dreamy
Answer: Orlando <3
Answer: Cam Hottie Gigandet
Answer: Garrett Hedlund<3
Answer: Angel Gabe
Answer: What? xXxJDloverxXx loves me? OMG NO WAY! =D
Answer: adorable <3
Answer: here is mine of Robert Pattinson with wet hair,look...
Answer: Tom Welling is a sexy santa <3
Answer: Jared *_*
Answer: Sexy pose MDR
Answer: my gorgeous babe looking down<3
Answer: young Robbie I think that's actually an icon, but....
Answer: so handsome! *-*
Answer: =3
Answer: Mr sexy Ackles l’amour his face :)
Answer: l’amour him forever!
Answer: my adorable and shy baby..awwww<3
Answer: being evil from the side
Answer: Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron
Answer: black n blue
Answer: on stage and bored again
Answer: JLETO
Answer: Robert, Susan, Jude
Answer: one Jar arm