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Answer: Oh Rob, your creepy eyes make me weak
Answer: a bit pale
Answer: creep <3
Answer: young Lucky
Answer: Robbie *_*
Answer: my gorgeous Robert in b&w with one of his eyebrows...
Answer: Lovely Mads <3
Answer: Tom Wlaschiha
Answer: Kellan wearing a suit with a pocket<3
Answer: Matt Lanter with pretty tall hair
Answer: Sexy Rain!
Answer: my super stunner
Answer: my Robert against a dark background<3
Answer: we didn't have these for quite some time
Answer: TF closeup<3
Answer: Knobber
Answer: Luv Pattz
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: D
Answer: 41? where are your wrinkles?
Answer: Tony Head
Answer: Daniel Ewings hands :)
Answer: Selfie with Barrowman from last night's pressure pa...
Answer: my handsome Aussie<3
Answer: the Lang
Answer: James Mcavoy
Answer: my Angel
Answer: Tom Fletcher!
Answer: Tom Felton in black<3
Answer: my hot baby! <3
Answer: Jensen running away from the zombies in "The End" (...
Answer: looking so awesome xP
Answer: my hottie with a fan <3333
Answer: Taylor Hottner is red hot<3
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Kellan Lutz has s-PEC-tacular pecks.....
Answer: Nolan Funk!
Answer: my handsome,sexy,gorgeous Robert<3
Answer: how much swag can a picture bear?
Answer: John Barrowman! He is the most amazing dude to h...
Answer: Sesshomaru from Inuyasha
Answer: I have none, but what about Jodi xXD
Answer: Chris Colfer :-D
Answer: Martin Chylo
Answer: Jamie Foxx wearing purple :)
Answer: Justin crying:(
Answer: RJ Mitte
Answer: Robo is good at being angry
Answer: my sexy babe in a brown leather jacket<3
Answer: Robert Knepper and his song would be..... Baby Blu...
Answer: cant decide, he's always so hot
Answer: perfect eyebrows MDR
Answer: Six pictures of sexy Matt Bomer :)
Answer: It looks gloomy :)
Answer: DAvid <333333333333333
Answer: Jude Law with a beard
Answer: OMG! Thud! Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Gao
Answer: Jeremy Irons
Answer: Rob playing with a baseball
Answer: ^.^ huge donut !!
Answer: my baby crossing his arms<3
Answer: Jb and Cb!
Answer: Bowser
Answer: Michael
Answer: Jon!
Answer: Matt for GQ, Issue October 2010 <33333
Answer: My baby ;)
Answer: Robert
Answer: Ian with his killer eyes!
Answer: Cory Monteith.
Answer: He is a disobedient soldier
Answer: the gorgeous,sexy John Barrowman<3
Answer: my Aussie hottie Chris,with his wife,Elsa(on the L)...
Answer: jensen :)
Answer: my Robert in the rain.I l’amour this pic!!!<3
Answer: l’amour it! :D
Answer: Jensen montrer teeth
Answer: the hair perfection
Answer: RK
Answer: Matt Smith!
Answer: my boy
Answer: River !!
Answer: Dat body though <3
Answer: his own way of montrer Brooklyn Bridge
Answer: Gabe at the Golden Globes
Answer: my handsome Robert wearing a yellow buttoned chemise...
Answer: my Robbie
Answer: KING charming and I'd look at him exactly the way s...
Answer: my weirdo <3
Answer: Zack <33
Answer: no pic, but a very funny vid
Answer: l’amour the shoot
Answer: MDR oh Robert
Answer: Thanks to XxxFUMMxxX, i now find this guy HOT!
Answer: Matthew wants his baba!! I want to cuddle this cute...
Answer: Brad Pitt <3
Answer: Jb!
Answer: Michael Fassbender :)
Answer: Jules Knight
Answer: Hunnam's cul, ass and Aidan's c...