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Answer: Leto
Answer: LOVE!!
Answer: <3333333333333
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: my handsome babe looking up<3
Answer: B Kaulitz
Answer: Bowie
Answer: David from all sides *_*
Answer: f*ck the watermark
Answer: Michael Trevino with his Vampire Diaries co-star Ca...
Answer: Tom Mison <3
Answer: my sweetheard :§
Answer: John and his partner,Scott<3
Answer: haha that would be too epic to happen xD
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: Biebz
Answer: Justin!!
Answer: creepy and I l’amour it
Answer: Lucky Blue Smith!!!
Answer: John B!
Answer: Jamie montrer his sexy,yummy neck<3
Answer: Luke Grimes
Answer: Scott Eastwood
Answer: adorable Tony Head holding a stuffed animal
Answer: MDR Teddy needs a while to montrer all his pics
Answer: number 1 what? Robert is my number 1 actor Bowie...
Answer: here...
Answer: Kellan,born and raised in the USA<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: Robert's co-star from the Twilight saga,Booboo ragoût...
Answer: OMG
Answer: hmm
Answer: Sebastian Stan
Answer: Tim Schou
Answer: Justin with LMFAO!
Answer: Rob
Answer: yummy Teddy
Answer: perfection
Answer: kinda
Answer: my brown haired babe with a brown background<3
Answer: Liam in b&w<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: :)
Answer: Colton's sexy jawline<3
Answer: Baptiste!!
Answer: my Waltz
Answer: Hemsworth looking hot with stubble<3
Answer: Hotty for scotty!
Answer: Tim Schou
Answer: Robert in a scene from New Moon with his haut, retour au début chemise...
Answer: Knepper down XD
Answer: Looking at his Beliebers♥
Answer: the name of the page is framed red
Answer: wearing a V-neck chemise ♥
Answer: Paul wearing white<3
Answer: Dave
Answer: flying Aidan
Answer: Chace in b&w<3
Answer: My l’amour ♡
Answer: my babe looking sexy and cool<3
Answer: walking for a Heathen shooting
Answer: Boy Epic
Answer: sexxxxxy
Answer: DB stare
Answer: Chris the hottie Hemsworth wearing a blue shirt<3
Answer: the 2 most beautiful people in the world...Robert a...
Answer: Alex <33333333
Answer: OMG a gorgeous pic of my babe <3
Answer: my baby boy <33
Answer: WTF is wrong Rob?
Answer: My smiling Babe <333333333
Answer: Robbie
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: my Aussie hottie pulling on his shirt<3
Answer: *sighs*
Answer: Dave's sexy dirty foot MDR
Answer: my fav Brit
Answer: Colton's coltonizing smile<3
Answer: Gabey
Answer: everytime he smiles
Answer: my handsome Robert with different pics<3
Answer: Pierce <3
Answer: my Bobby on set with some paper ♥
Answer: MDR fuzzy enough? xD
Answer: cutie :)
Answer: l’amour the veste
Answer: Alex Walkinshaw! Still l’amour him<3
Answer: soft B
Answer: Dominic Sherwood.
Answer: Lucky Blue Smith
Answer: Jared
Answer: thanks to Revenge
Answer: the Leto bros are hot,but their shirts are not<3
Answer: The one and only pic of Matthew with a gun. :)
Answer: confused Rob
Answer: Davy
Answer: l’amour Heathen era <3
Answer: peignoir, robe a dobe!
Answer: Robert standing suivant to the beautiful Kristen Stewa...
Answer: THIS jacket<3