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Answer: Bowteeth
Answer: prefer the blonde
Answer: Ville Valo <33333333
Answer: Cheerios!
Answer: Norman Reedus <3
Answer: Ryan Sheckler.
Answer: Pine is so fine in glasses<3
Answer: Shanimal
Answer: I wanna be anywhere Barrowman is :)
Answer: Selena gomez.
Answer: Tom Daley.
Answer: The Barrowmans :)
Answer: Luke Guldan.
Answer: Ross MDR
Answer: so good looking!
Answer: Jamie from behind<3
Answer: Knepper - simply because he can't xD
Answer: Baptiste's sexy tats<3
Answer: oh Gabe **_**
Answer: Joey Cali wearing a hat :)
Answer: Steve Grand.
Answer: Luke Guldan *_*
Answer: David <333333333333
Answer: Dane Dehaan
Answer: king <3
Answer: how does Gabe look with stubble anyway.....
Answer: Jeremy, sorry about this babe. I'll let toi go once...
Answer: hope that's right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Answer: Red(mayne) in white :)
Answer: Juju moves
Answer: my honey
Answer: Leto
Answer: David Tennant<3
Answer: a manip of Robert in pajama pants while Kristen wea...
Answer: Matt Pokora
Answer: Chris always looks amazing<3
Answer: Kyle Gallner
Answer: Barrowman doing it the right way with no clothing u...
Answer: slightly sweaty BOWIEEE
Answer: Cam,who's 32 yrs old<3
Answer: gran <3
Answer: Jamie and Dakota<3
Answer: my sexy Robert sitting on a chair from his Details...
Answer: Cillian
Answer: Zac at a christmas arbre farm
Answer: Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down<3
Answer: his fart is plus talented than me, so maybe it woul...
Answer: my baby in a red polo style chemise
Answer: dudes at 67 make me dance
Answer: Close enough?
Answer: :/
Answer: D!
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: Wish I was there lying suivant to him. <3
Answer: so cute together on the beatch! *-*
Answer: Colton wearing white<3
Answer: Vince Kidd
Answer: He is very hairy
Answer: the one and only
Answer: Matt's arms stick out in this picture because they'...
Answer: Bobby my babe...
Answer: ...
Answer: Biebz.
Answer: Josh Henderson<3
Answer: Ehehehe! Thomas <3
Answer: my handsome Robert walking in a winter wonderland<3...
Answer: Kellan in a wet chemise which shows his nipples<3
Answer: Luke in b&w<3
Answer: sweet fingers of my dearie ♥
Answer: my freckled babe
Answer: Justin Clynes
Answer: Tyler Hoechlin
Answer: Lord Baelish
Answer: Nico Tortorella <3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Paul Walker
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: sweety ears
Answer: Chris Pine with just the right amount of stubble<3
Answer: my handsome Robert in a scene from Remember Me with...
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Joaquin
Answer: Rider Strong from Boy Meets World has some trademar...
Answer: Waltz
Answer: Giulio Berruti
Answer: Ryan Sheckler!
Answer: golden god
Answer: Jamie with his eyes closed<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Welling
Answer: <3
Answer: Lucky
Answer: Ben
Answer: Benedict and dogs.
Answer: Taylor Hottner<3
Answer: Matt Lanter and his beautiful wife<3
Answer: Jensen
Answer: Bryan n Aaron