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Answer: his ultra gorgeous teeth
Answer: I wish...
Answer: Downey loves doing that ^^
Answer: haha luv the puppylook again! *-*
Answer: I jus' wanna give him a hugs now.
Answer: John Barrowman ...
Answer: hmmm he's beautiful to me
Answer: Here toi go
Answer: another hot pic from the "Passions" era <3333
Answer: luv his nose! *-*
Answer: David Boreanaz
Answer: my baby inside the NYSE building,as part of the pro...
Answer: haven't seen this one before
Answer: my Robbie with casquette, cap
Answer: close up Rob
Answer: John Barrowman XD
Answer: Not long il y a
Answer: Hugh Jackman<3
Answer: Alex O'Loughlin
Answer: My babe! <3
Answer: hugh dancy :) looking smart & sophisticated. &fanta...
Answer: le creep
Answer: Hugh Jackman...oh lord
Answer: lightblue chemise and nery style! :3
Answer: not just for me. It's official. ..... and a real go...
Answer: Well, same as in the white-shirt-[url=link...
Answer: Zach wearing a casquette, cap in Heroes <3
Answer: touching his piano! *-*
Answer: I don't care what other people think of me. A 17 ye...
Answer: haha kinda like that little monkey ther :3
Answer: + biting his lip
Answer: Matthew pointing a gun!! I created this so this is...
Answer: Matthew montrer some of his teeth. :)
Answer: Rodi <3 Skip the intro guys
Answer: wanna rape xD
Answer: a bit of sky Rob standing in front of his childhoo...
Answer: his hair isn't really special, but I like it anyway...
Answer: Rob was born to wear leather jackets
Answer: but his back :P yum yum
Answer: Brad pitt in an island...
Answer: Rj and someone
Answer: James' sexy smile
Answer: my wild Teddy
Answer: Marie, give it to him baby
Answer: :D MDR
Answer: *.* that hot man! :O
Answer: His smile is always devious
Answer: Here u go ))
Answer: Avan Jorgia
Answer: Dominic Monaghan I´m wondering if he really had...
Answer: my favori promo pic from "Aquaman" <33333
Answer: my sexy Robert not only looking at the camera,but a...
Answer: my baby in Criminal Minds
Answer: His smile is to die for <3
Answer: MDR Jar
Answer: Robert Knepper in L.A. Law
Answer: my cutie in the Press Room of the Comic Con 2008 <3...
Answer: Jared's eyes
Answer: dont really like the pic, but the eyes are nice
Answer: Gary Oldman <3
Answer: Hot taylor x
Answer: Knepper's flawless teeth
Answer: Jensen <3
Answer: Keep Calm? no way!
Answer: Knepper in l’amour & Sex only 3 of 101 films he play...
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Kellan Lutz in disguise at Comic-Con<...
Answer: Tony Head is so cute, that´s unbearable
Answer: Well aside from the fact that blue is my fave color...
Answer: Rorie <333 so beautiful
Answer: Matthew in lit (waiting for me) Hehehe!! toi bette...
Answer: Rob and my l’amour Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Answer: 2 taylors l’amour him :)
Answer: The oh so sexy James Dean in the movie Giant
Answer: Downster
Answer: in l’amour with thaat one *-*
Answer: my sexy Robert with his face toward the right<3
Answer: well, that's my fav style for sure
Answer: my dreamer
Answer: Benny <3
Answer: handcuffed to another dude
Answer: My favourite picture with John :')
Answer: one could guess what that means
Answer: my sexy cover man<3
Answer: Here's mine of Johnny
Answer: "What? toi think I'm cute? Really?" =D
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen <3
Answer: Leto
Answer: My lovely Daniel Radcliffe!!
Answer: a really sad pic about Bobby - I want so much to co...
Answer: I could scratch toi Rob, No problem at all
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness!
Answer: concentrated Robbie
Answer: my sexy Robert and his gorgeous eyes that are sligh...
Answer: Colin O'Donnell!
Answer: here is my super sexy Robert wearing mostly black.Y...
Answer: No one can look better in white shirts than the guy...
Answer: Taylor flipping over a car
Answer: Tony's awesome greenies always look cute
Answer: Daniel Gillies
Answer: *THUNK*