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Answer: gotta take Jared there
Answer: Jen<3
Answer: the always awesome JL<3
Answer: Juicy Jon!
Answer: my gorgeous Robert<3
Answer: this collage mash up of my baby was made for me par...
Answer: yessss! *kiss *kiss MDR
Answer: Douglas Booth looks mighty HOT in this pic<3
Answer: Lautner laughing<3
Answer: John Barrowman as a tattoo. :)
Answer: Jensen<3
Answer: Lee Pace
Answer: RK talk
Answer: hot Teddy
Answer: baby face Jared - 41
Answer: his smile is pure perfection<3
Answer: Cam Gigandet!
Answer: haha I can't stop laughing xDxD
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Matt Pokora.
Answer: Blue Smith <3333333333333333
Answer: my Teddy :(
Answer: Paul in front of a cool car<3
Answer: Matthew shocked, because Rachel McAdams refuses to...
Answer: my hottie wearing a brown ceinture <3333
Answer: shh boby
Answer: well, it's on my mur so... Tony
Answer: Mitch Hewer.
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: Toby Regbo <3
Answer: pretty *_*
Answer: Matthew with his beautiful hands <33333
Answer: swaggaaa haahaa
Answer: Lord Bae
Answer: Martin Pichler<3
Answer: John Barrowman *_*
Answer: Ethan Hawke <3
Answer: Shagger
Answer: Stephen and Robbie Amell<3
Answer: MDR hilarious take ur pick
Answer: Looks like about 37 to me and acts about 5 aha.
Answer: :*
Answer: Ryan oison, gosling
Answer: the marvelous Matthew<3
Answer: so cute :3
Answer: Dan Layus,.
Answer: wanna lick
Answer: geai, jay and Misha-man <3
Answer: my beauty <3
Answer: rock god
Answer: Joooohn!<3
Answer: Garrett wearing black<3
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: John montrer an ear :)
Answer: Joseph F<3
Answer: Ryan is a dancing machine<3
Answer: Little white stars in the background (they're like...
Answer: Justin Clynes
Answer: l’amour most of his hairstyles
Answer: Torrence Coombs
Answer: Tony xD <3
Answer: Dornan's delicious body<3
Answer: I want to nibble his ear and every other inch of hi...
Answer: desperado look
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe!
Answer: Gabriel cheeks
Answer: I can't believe how attractive he is! l’amour him so m...
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Rob from behind
Answer: Misha!!
Answer: toi never know what he will do with his hands
Answer: Benedicts..
Answer: Tom Hiddleston!!!
Answer: the sexy and sweaty Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: all over his face *cries*
Answer: -
Answer: He is always amazing to me
Answer: can't wait till I go to the concert in September
Answer: Robert!
Answer: <3
Answer: Skeet Ulrich with wavy hair :)
Answer: my model boy
Answer: gil <3
Answer: Jake Quickenden
Answer: he's angelic (not my pic)
Answer: Robert's thick,sexy eyebrows<3
Answer: Matt's beautiful smile <33333
Answer: my cutie pie
Answer: Pokora.
Answer: John Barrowman and Eve Myles<333 Plus, i l’amour he...
Answer: David Gandy
Answer: cult promo <333 he looks so dreamy in that series
Answer: Chris H with stubble<3
Answer: Jared looking up<3
Answer: Rob pointing
Answer: I saw "The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug" a few heure...
Answer: chienne plzzzz
Answer: my Robert in black leather pants for a photoshoot.O...
Answer: taylor :)