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Answer: yeeee haw ! cow boy kiefer , i not mind being tie u...
Answer: Jensen<3
Answer: Andrew Scott!
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Replace the "i" in winking to an "a" and thats what...
Answer: Alex
Answer: GG<3
Answer: Jared
Answer: Zac Efron
Answer: James McAvoy<3
Answer: Elijah Wood :(
Answer: my sexy babe with shadows illuminating his gorgeous...
Answer: I l’amour him in beanies<3 Credit to Torchwood 4 Fa...
Answer: sweeeeeet
Answer: Jamie's sexy,dark eyes<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Barrowbabe.
Answer: Zac taking a horseback ride through a grassy trail<...
Answer: Jack!
Answer: Pattinson in sepia<3
Answer: Drew Roy.
Answer: those eyes and those lips...it's a wonder I'm still...
Answer: Paul looking at us<3
Answer: Danny *_*
Answer: from the side
Answer: Latest song I found of him xD pussy Bowie
Answer: Harry Lloyd
Answer: <3
Answer: BB<33
Answer: Barrowgill<3
Answer: :O
Answer: Booth in black<3
Answer: does he look hot ou what?<3
Answer: Jensen with a beautiful,gorgeous smile:)
Answer: Kellan with 2 white lion cubs<3<3
Answer: Millerlicious!
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: my British babe looking straight at the camera<3
Answer: Rob
Answer: Booth's ID badges...
Answer: Mghty fine pine!
Answer: Tom from a distance<3
Answer: Ryan Paevey.
Answer: Jamie not looking at us...
Answer: crappy quality, but it's the most dorky Bowie vid e...
Answer: I created this. XD
Answer: my handsome Robert biting his lip.I want to bite th...
Answer: Edward&Bella,played par my sexy baby and the beautif...
Answer: Liam with sky<3
Answer: Ben *-*
Answer: Robert Knepper
Answer: Justin
Answer: Daniel with spiky hair<3
Answer: Jamie with sexy stubble<3
Answer: poor sweety with blood
Answer: the Biebz :)
Answer: ok 3:10 - 3:22. Bowie even killed himself with his...
Answer: The Race - 30stm
Answer: Justin!!
Answer: My Baby looking at the camera <3333333
Answer: Avengers selfie:)
Answer: are toi even human? *_*
Answer: Taylor and his dark chocolat straight hair<3
Answer: Knepper on his balançoire, swing
Answer: JB singing<3
Answer: Matt in one of my favori photoshoots <33333
Answer: Bowside
Answer: Tin Machine
Answer: Benedict..
Answer: John.
Answer: found a pole. weird how hard it is to find sucha r...
Answer: Cillian <3
Answer: Haynes!
Answer: Yellow Samuel
Answer: he set feu to the rain<3
Answer: Chris"looking damn fine"Pine<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: JEVE!
Answer: Lana Del Rey <33333333
Answer: he is my soul and my heaven<3
Answer: CJH<3
Answer: Too hot!!!! He's yummy!!! <3333
Answer: here is my Robert,with Kristen Stewart in Brazil,wh...
Answer: WOW
Answer: My angel<3
Answer: aha *_*
Answer: James Dean :)
Answer: my gorgeous Robert whose eyes are normally blue,wit...
Answer: a fascinating éditer of 2 of my haut, retour au début 10 hotties,Jamie...
Answer: my handsome babe wearing a jacket<3
Answer: John<3
Answer: okay,this pic isn't of my Robert ou his Twilight co...
Answer: Justin Bieber
Answer: my Irish hottie,Jamie in black and white<3
Answer: my sweetie looking slightly confused<3
Answer: Jamie in red pants<3
Answer: From today xD
Answer: <3
Answer: Enrique Iglesias<3