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Answer: WTF XD
Answer: I'd gladly Kiss those sexy British lips<3
Answer: Jeremy Irons,who's an amazing actor,but too old for...
Answer: :*
Answer: Colton looking like Clark Kent<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan and Eva Mendes<3
Answer: J-Mac!
Answer: Jared is volcanic hot<3
Answer: Jamie wearing a striped shirt<3
Answer: Bowzer
Answer: Fav!
Answer: That stare will be the death of me<3
Answer: Jackson Rathbone<3
Answer: my sexy Aussie looking away<3
Answer: GM
Answer: Guy Sebastian.
Answer: DB
Answer: Hot hot hot Bernardo Velasco *_*
Answer: Justinnnn
Answer: Dougie Poynter!
Answer: Eal
Answer: this pic of Jake is ugly
Answer: Aaron Tveit
Answer: John throwing magic dust at the camera ;)
Answer: Kellan in b&w<3
Answer: Matt looking babelicious in a vest<3
Answer: Robert with a crazy half shaved head(which was for...
Answer: king Dave
Answer: Max Ryan
Answer: Luke Evans surrounded par bushes<3
Answer: Dougie.
Answer: Nicholas w/ amazing blue eyes<3
Answer: my beloved Nolan Ross
Answer: my handsome baby with his WFE co-stars Reese and Ch...
Answer: Kellan looking mighty hot in a leather jacket<3
Answer: my Irish hottie,Jamie<3
Answer: o.o
Answer: Robert's sexy smirk<3
Answer: like this :)
Answer: Jamie holding Dakota in a scene from the upcoming 5...
Answer: Got this along with his other 2 ;)
Answer: Gabe <33
Answer: Brandon Bailey.
Answer: George Shelley.
Answer: Chris Waltz
Answer: PB
Answer: my l’amour wearing a scarf<3
Answer: GM's smile
Answer: my bright,colorful baby<3
Answer: Sheckler Dude
Answer: chris *_*
Answer: Matt at the VH-1 Do Something Awards 2010, presenti...
Answer: Taylor Lautner<3
Answer: Super young JRM with his chemise open <3333333333
Answer: Jules Knight
Answer: my beautiful British babe with a crinkled forehead<...
Answer: <3333333333
Answer: *_____*
Answer: Matt Daddario
Answer: baby
Answer: my red hot British chili pepper<3
Answer: Ben
Answer: Godfrey
Answer: Theo wearing plaid pants<3
Answer: <3
Answer: Brosnan
Answer: Kaulitz
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi
Answer: pokerface...
Answer: GM <3333
Answer: my alien from the sky
Answer: Matthew as a little tyke. <3333333333333
Answer: my hottie Hemsworth<3
Answer: metal<3
Answer: Ryan McPartlin looking gorgeous!
Answer: Mitch Hewer fixing something!
Answer: wanna have a Kiss too :(
Answer: Yo, no thing
Answer: Matthew was speechless when Rachel refuses to go to...
Answer: Misha <3
Answer: Cillian
Answer: Ben
Answer: Colton...you sexy,dirty babe<3
Answer: my babe lying on a floor<3
Answer: hi sexy!
Answer: Mannhart
Answer: Whitfield <3
Answer: ...
Answer: Robert in turquoise blue shirt<3
Answer: Robert Knepper is pretty much <i><b>always</i></b>...
Answer: my king
Answer: my dear ♥
Answer: Proud of my idol and inspiration. He has made a dif...
Answer: Jensen
Answer: let me bite that lip for toi babe...if you'll do th...
Answer: DB <33333
Answer: Luke Guldan
Answer: Kellan on the plage in a sweater<3
Answer: Matt Pokora.
Answer: John *_*