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Answer: Juju!
Answer: my hottylicious Robert<3
Answer: Ben Whishaw
Answer: Nick Bateman ;)
Answer: Michael<3
Answer: Jamie in grey<3
Answer: Justin Baldoni.
Answer: Jamie on a red couch<3
Answer: the king of my cœur, coeur sitting in his throne<3
Answer: Justin The piano Man!
Answer: Colton Haynes!
Answer: Blake<3
Answer: Josh Cuthbert.
Answer: Blonde Bieber<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Sixx
Answer: my prophet
Answer: Biebz
Answer: my baby holding something very small<3
Answer: my sexy,dreamy British baby<3
Answer: Twilight étoile, star Taylor Lautner's GQ photoshoot<3
Answer: <3 hell hes my new l’amour <3 i so loves <3
Answer: Gene Kelly.
Answer: Jack!
Answer: Nick Roux<3
Answer: David Tennant<3
Answer: Bieber.
Answer: Jamie's Irish veins<3
Answer: Redmayne looking up<3
Answer: Jesseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3
Answer: John
Answer: here is a cool and hot Facebook cover of my gorgeou...
Answer: Zac Efron
Answer: Danny!<3
Answer: my happy lovelies,Robert and Kristen<3
Answer: Jamie from a distance<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Ryan!!
Answer: Eddie Redmayne<3
Answer: Beautiful!!
Answer: Edward&Bella in a scene from BD 2 making l’amour in fr...
Answer: Chace wearing blue<3
Answer: Marco<3
Answer: my British babe not looking at the camera<3
Answer: BILL
Answer: <33333333333
Answer: my handsome baby playing with his fingers.You can p...
Answer: lincoln Younes!
Answer: PLACEBO!
Answer: <33333333333333333333333333333333333
Answer: Garrett looking yummy in white<3
Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch<3
Answer: Spencer Boldman!
Answer: Josh Henderson!
Answer: My angel<3
Answer: DA BOWIE
Answer: no one, why the f*ck should I wish that???
Answer: my baby in Twilight wearing a grey pois, pea manteau and a g...
Answer: musicless musique video xD
Answer: David
Answer: Sam Claflin in white<3
Answer: Keith is a Scottish gem<3
Answer: my Irish babe suivant to a window<3
Answer: Nolan Funk <3
Answer: Colton in a hat<3
Answer: presents for my sexy Pattinson<3
Answer: *_*
Answer: Neal in the dark ("What Happens In Burma") <3333
Answer: my <3
Answer: Rise Like a Phoenix!
Answer: baby, I can't put in words how much I l’amour toi
Answer: Gorgeous laughter!
Answer: Justin and Jaxon<3
Answer: Matt Dallas<3
Answer: JB!
Answer: Luke wearing red<3
Answer: my handsome babe looking up<3
Answer: AHAH
Answer: from 0:11 idiot interviewer xD
Answer: The Doctor!
Answer: Zach<3
Answer: Robbie's duckface
Answer: Tony Head with a British Flag
Answer: Awesome Edit!
Answer: Mann <3
Answer: updated!
Answer: Haynes
Answer: ... ♥
Answer: HOT jb
Answer: Trent!
Answer: Julian!!
Answer: CJH
Answer: l’amour Barrowman In Black
Answer: Justin!<333
Answer: Mark
Answer: Bow <3
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: toi wanna ask Bowie about music?? go to 5:45 XD
Answer: Ryan!<3
Answer: my handsome baby presenting an award at the Academy...