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Answer: Jackson Rathbone
Answer: Zac Efron <3333333
Answer: wearing black: Hugh Jackman
Answer: my lovely Robsten<3
Answer: Robbie has quite good skin (imo)
Answer: Theo :)
Answer: so beautiful
Answer: renard and Whitney at the beach... (still from Passion...
Answer: CAM
Answer: <333333333333333333333
Answer: Robert *_*
Answer: my sexy Robert with stubble<3
Answer: aww Rob. put your stache away and you're hot
Answer: my gorgeous new British hearthrob looking up<3
Answer: Dave! <3
Answer: Paul looking down<3
Answer: <333
Answer: Mikey!
Answer: Rob hiding
Answer: *_*
Answer: J
Answer: Bill
Answer: Max George.
Answer: my baby with his i-pod earphones in his ears<3
Answer: l’amour this one
Answer: MRJ for Sara:)
Answer: Barrowgill<3
Answer: JLOK
Answer: Hayden Christensen in étoile, star Wars Episode 3:Revenge o...
Answer: Too creepy, my Robbie
Answer: John with some veins on his hands and arms :)
Answer: Ian<3
Answer: Matt with socks in my favourite colour
Answer: *_*
Answer: Adam Gregoryyy<3
Answer: Gosh Rob!
Answer: plez don't ask me ...^^
Answer: the way he sits there is kinda sassy ^^
Answer: I imagine like this
Answer: A little bit of hair down his forehead. <333
Answer: Chace Crawford.
Answer: Cam with pockets
Answer: walking Rob
Answer: my baby (Chad Michael Murray)
Answer: Zac Efron and Camo!
Answer: hihi Tony and Loki! X3
Answer: Knepper jeans 4tw
Answer: special gift only for Vicky xD
Answer: my hot Cam
Answer: Hrithik
Answer: my gorgeous baby holding a bière bottle in this pic...
Answer: Armie looking nice and handsome<3
Answer: a shade on his beautiful 2nd eye
Answer: thumbs up for comic con! :D
Answer: Holmes to gladstone ^^
Answer: Pettyfer!
Answer: River
Answer: Jared <3
Answer: Dougie Poynter.
Answer: I made this :)
Answer: Nemily
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: my boy
Answer: Eddie Redmayne
Answer: AWW RK
Answer: Harry Lloyd
Answer: Mitch Hewer
Answer: Dave !!!!
Answer: neat
Answer: Knepper gorilla
Answer: this one maybe, a bit warm
Answer: honey
Answer: Chace looking sexy in blue<3
Answer: my beauty<3333
Answer: Misha hair
Answer: always
Answer: my piste model
Answer: ^^ he's the master in looking like this!^^
Answer: repeat- so what
Answer: his best red suit xD
Answer: Matt in sepia<3
Answer: Chris and his sexy strut<3
Answer: Billy's house
Answer: Lee Pace
Answer: dunno
Answer: Andy Whitfield and his kid
Answer: Zach
Answer: Misha!! :)
Answer: my beauty <3
Answer: Jar
Answer: Mitch Hewer.
Answer: Jack falahee and another dude
Answer: No one beats god ! (*don't tell me I have to play...
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Gabriel raawwwr
Answer: Matti with a scared face <333333
Answer: Alex Watson
Answer: Bow <3
Answer: Mourning heure movie
Answer: Alain Delon