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Answer: Jb
Answer: Nick Ayler!
Answer: Jonathan with red eyes
Answer: Bow :(
Answer: Stephen James
Answer: robert
Answer: Oh my!
Answer: Cam with a flashlight<3
Answer: Aaron Renfree.
Answer: Josh Henderson<3
Answer: the incredibly sexy Jamie Dornan looking up<3
Answer: Paul Walker.
Answer: Biersack.
Answer: David Ames
Answer: Jamie in b&w<3
Answer: my red hot Irish leprechaun<3
Answer: Kellan has Lutz of veins<3
Answer: Justin Bieber!
Answer: Nolan Funk is a hunk<3
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Leo who has been jouer la comédie for over 20 years,since the...
Answer: Jensen <3
Answer: Colton Haynes in green pants<3
Answer: Adam Lambert!
Answer: Stephen James
Answer: I.S. <3
Answer: Jamie with his hand behind his back<3
Answer: Barrowsmile :D
Answer: the yummy Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: LOL,Justin<3
Answer: James Marsden shirtless<3
Answer: l’amour it
Answer: Paul wearing a football jersey<3
Answer: I wanna be close up with this sexy British man cand...
Answer: Liam H in b&w<3
Answer: Chris with his 2 SWATH beauties,Kristen Stewart and...
Answer: Juju<3
Answer: Robo with hoody
Answer: Hugh Jackman has done a few musicals<3
Answer: Blake Ritson <3
Answer: BC
Answer: Chris touching his gorgeous face<3
Answer: ANOTHER JB i l’amour :3
Answer: my baby not only looking smart,but sexy in this sui...
Answer: Luke against a wall<3
Answer: DG
Answer: Chris on the cover of Details magazine<3
Answer: R.I.P Paul!
Answer: Jensen with bloody hands
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: ..-
Answer: just wanna cuddle <3
Answer: My edit.
Answer: When i say Justin, ya'll say Bieber.. Justin.......
Answer: Taylor with black hair<3
Answer: Bowiiiieeee
Answer: TANNER
Answer: John Travolta chant Greased Lighting :)
Answer: Vince Kidd.
Answer: ColtonHaynes
Answer: Justin Bieber at his own concert!
Answer: just look at the girls - they want him so bad
Answer: How Labyrinth should have been
Answer: Dylan
Answer: my 2 fave people,Robert and Kristen with their coun...
Answer: Armie<3
Answer: Bowie being a chienne to Josh Hartnett 0:29
Answer: Baptiste!!
Answer: Kate and Leo Titanic edit<3
Answer: Hot Harry
Answer: toi can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a t...
Answer: my beautiful Robert in the sky<3
Answer: my gorgeous babe looking through a window in Rememb...
Answer: l’amour this pic!
Answer: I can't believe he's 50,because he sure doesn't loo...
Answer: here's your honey,Sara:)
Answer: my creepy,sexy vampire,Edward<3
Answer: DB artwork<3
Answer: he looks so innocent there <33333333
Answer: Kellan from a distance<3
Answer: 30stm
Answer: Justin
Answer: Bowie painting with BOTH hands and being philosophi...
Answer: Kellan in blue jeans<3
Answer: Colton on a beach<3
Answer: Selena Gomez.
Answer: Zac Efron.
Answer: Chord<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth& his younger brother,Liam<3
Answer: I think this pic of Thomas is really cool:)
Answer: Chord Overstreet!
Answer: P.Walker!
Answer: So genuine!
Answer: Kristen on my baby's back in this scene from BD par...
Answer: Julian<33
Answer: Alex pettyfer!
Answer: John Stamos. <3
Answer: CJH!
Answer: Paul!