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Answer: Adam Senn.
Answer: Richard wearing a Bowie t-shirt<3
Answer: Gui Inacio!
Answer: Harry Treadaway!
Answer: Venue Poster I Made :
Answer: Billie Piper.
Answer: Leo in dark blue<3
Answer: John in bed.
Answer: Zac's amazing eyes<3
Answer: Scott in blue<3
Answer: sexy Stephen<3
Answer: blondie ours <3
Answer: Reality
Answer: full with emotions
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Liv Tyler
Answer: TD
Answer: Jared with camera
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: David Bowie <3
Answer: Colton shirtless<3
Answer: maxi Igleasis *___________*
Answer: Luke Treadaway!
Answer: Barrowman
Answer: John Barrowman on the weakest link♥
Answer: Scott Eastwood
Answer: Godfrey Gao in purple<3
Answer: my handsome babe upside down in a scene from New Mo...
Answer: last picture of him taken (on Jan. 8th)
Answer: Selena!
Answer: a shirtless Taylor in the cold mountains of Vancouv...
Answer: Colton is a stunning model!
Answer: Victoria's sexy Scottish babe
Answer: my stunning,sexy Brit<3
Answer: oh...that's...hot! :O
Answer: Wow!
Answer: David Giuntoli
Answer: Justin Gaston.
Answer: 2 chiots
Answer: Matthew as baby Santa <3333
Answer: baby <3
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Eddie Redmayne.
Answer: Chad <3
Answer: Josh Kloss
Answer: Josh<3
Answer: sexy Jar
Answer: Hemsworth HD :)
Answer: my hot Aussie hottie<3
Answer: Ealy
Answer: Gary oldman
Answer: Zac in a supermarket<3
Answer: Sam Clark<3
Answer: Captain America's veins<3
Answer: Hemsworth in HD<3
Answer: Holy fuck
Answer: my shadowy babe<3
Answer: my baby in a slightly crumpled blue shirt<3
Answer: Robert sitting against a wall<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan behind the wheel of a car<3
Answer: Bowzer
Answer: Gene Kelly!
Answer: Ben Barnes<3
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: my pretty <3
Answer: Brad in b&w<3
Answer: Taylor in a jumper<3
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz looks sexy with veins<3...
Answer: Johnny and Orlando :)
Answer: my hot cowboy Scott in black<3
Answer: the most beautiful man there ever will be
Answer: Dan & Marni<3
Answer: David and Billie.
Answer: my handsome baby wearing a sweater<3
Answer: look at that gorgeous face<3
Answer: on his own knee
Answer: my smokin hot British babe with a cigarette in his...
Answer: Colton Haynes *_*
Answer: Jamie
Answer: here's my Robert doing an oohhh face<3
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Davie
Answer: Cam's sparkling blue eyes<3
Answer: CK
Answer: Josh
Answer: Jen with scrunchy eyebrows
Answer: Golden moment ^-^
Answer: Conchy
Answer: Taylor par the beach<3
Answer: Wolverine's veins<3
Answer: David Tennant!
Answer: the king of my cœur, coeur wearing a chemise with the Briti...
Answer: Nick Robinson!
Answer: Dan!
Answer: hey,Robert do toi want my number?
Answer: My éditer of Matthew and Rachel <33333333
Answer: DB!! <33333
Answer: my handsome Robert in 2013<3
Answer: oh my sexy Dior baby,how I a-DIOR you,let me count...