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Answer: my Rob-erful baby and his sexy hand<3
Answer: my 2nd fave Brit,Orlando Bloom posing with 3 chiens
Answer: Imma Buffy fan
Answer: Ian Somerhalder:)
Answer: Gretch-Bag from Prison Break
Answer: classy Robo with a cup
Answer: Robot Downey Jr xD
Answer: Caity Lotz
Answer: holiding on the rail as he jumps
Answer: I wanna Chace him ;)
Answer: the futurist! :))
Answer: my handsome baby at Cannes with lots of cameras beh...
Answer: my irish babe in white<3
Answer: Henry outside<3
Answer: Ben wearing jeans<3
Answer: Ian lying in the grass<3
Answer: Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle R.I.P Cory
Answer: Misha wearing the Sorting Hat!
Answer: Colton Haynes is shy.
Answer: Matt<33
Answer: my lovely,gorgeous babe in a checkered chemise <3
Answer: HOT
Answer: oh my... dear... ♥
Answer: Leo :)
Answer: Chazz in air!
Answer: funny Merlin clip for children in need
Answer: Jonny Weston!
Answer: Taylor running<3
Answer: my baby with a bruise under his right eye.Awww,my p...
Answer: BC
Answer: Garrett Hedlund<33
Answer: Zayn Malik (1D)
Answer: Stephen Amell - baseball
Answer: My Sexy Canadian<3
Answer: no pic of Rob there, but cutie Tony
Answer: Selena.
Answer: does "sexier" count?
Answer: the song is not my thing, but he is sooooooo pretty...
Answer: hotness level on the maximum :)
Answer: Supernatural/Torchwood
Answer: Jb
Answer: Matt at the Body boutique <33333
Answer: Captain!
Answer: Pratt pose<3
Answer: AB
Answer: Nolan<3
Answer: Jamie wearing a t-shirt<3
Answer: Efron's beautiful blue eyes<3
Answer: awww please... ♥
Answer: wow
Answer: l’amour it!
Answer: Kellan in black<3
Answer: R.I.P Mitch!
Answer: Jared taking a selfie<3
Answer: Went Miller
Answer: the King of my cœur, coeur sitting upon his throne<3
Answer: JB wearing or shoes<3
Answer: Matt Smith
Answer: Taylor and his shadow<3
Answer: Selena Gomez.
Answer: Believe Tour!
Answer: Selena!
Answer: my baby tied up in chains<3
Answer: Rob holding back violently
Answer: Gabe with highlights<3
Answer: poor Teddy
Answer: Rob & Jodi shooting a glass office into crumbs
Answer: He is hunter parrish i googled it xxxx
Answer: live interview 3 days il y a
Answer: Robert just gets hotter and hotter par the second.He...
Answer: I found this pic of my sexy,gorgeous Robert with hi...