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Answer: le cutie *-*
Answer: imagine that´s my lit he´s lying on <33
Answer: There r so many handsome pics of him when young
Answer: he always does. it's in his swagga veins
Answer: Robert
Answer: It's not from me but whoever made that: GREAT JOB !...
Answer: I would l’amour to go on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with my beautiful Brit...
Answer: My Taylor Daniel Lautner!
Answer: Ben Knepper whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Answer: No words to describe it <3
Answer: Jen!<3
Answer: Knepper
Answer: My baby TDL
Answer: what my baby was doing today while shooting
Answer: If he was my teacher I would have a hard time payin...
Answer: Cult's Rostie <3
Answer: my sexy montrer off<3
Answer: my sexy beast with stubble and swagger<3
Answer: Wilson Bethel!
Answer: Craig Horner :)
Answer: kinda pirate style Tony
Answer: Jar and Shannon Leto<3
Answer: mr. swag! ^^
Answer: NO photos xD
Answer: wanna have! O__o
Answer: b'n'w Downey
Answer: this is stunning to me
Answer: RK :D
Answer: Tony always is
Answer: my poor Rob
Answer: my Cam
Answer: Almost nice looking
Answer: hello chiot
Answer: Sakis wearing, just, yellow trousers.
Answer: poor Indio and his embarrassing daddy ^^
Answer: Rob Pattinson touching his chin.Is this ok?
Answer: hahaaaa!! I never het tired of shipping them!! XD
Answer: my sexy baby holding a black gun<3
Answer: Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman on True...
Answer: Hugh Laurie as House MD
Answer: my gorgeous RED-HOT chili pepper<3
Answer: my sexy chiot
Answer: My hottie in two screencaps from "Prophecy"
Answer: *Faints*
Answer: Jared
Answer: He's my Angel of musique <3
Answer: Henry Cavill wearing wihte.
Answer: Teen Matthew in front of the white background. <333...
Answer: JUDE LAW <333
Answer: this defo made my jour
Answer: so yumm! *-*
Answer: whoop that ass!! how old does he look from behind?...
Answer: Chris ))
Answer: Taylor :) If u don't think its blue i can change
Answer: Tony baby
Answer: my baby looking serious...seriously HOT,SEXY& GORGE...
Answer: I l’amour this one
Answer: that smile is for me like a rainbow-unicorn-candyfl...
Answer: haha pure evil is hot
Answer: the Lawrence family and I wish toi a very Happy Bir...
Answer: I go basically nuts every time I see Billy Grimm ou...
Answer: commander hottie
Answer: Matt as Neal Caffrey - where the hat is part of the...
Answer: They look brown here
Answer: Matt in a pic for a photo story about "Magic Mike"...
Answer: Elijah Wood
Answer: my sexy baby with his head cocked to the side<3
Answer: This was heartbreaking to watch :(
Answer: a b&w photo éditer of my beautiful and fave couple,Ro...
Answer: Gabe
Answer: Captain Jack Harkness *_*
Answer: mine :) x
Answer: bob in white :)
Answer: here is a b&w close up of my gorgeous baby<3
Answer: sexy man
Answer: 6ft 2in. A very sexy height in my opinion <3
Answer: Jar
Answer: Taylor on the set of Tracers
Answer: magical
Answer: Cute??? must be Tony
Answer: I found this funny quote about my baby on Google<3
Answer: my baby looking over his shoulder.Don't worry baby,...
Answer: <3
Answer: Sherlock *-*
Answer: Tony is GORGEOUS
Answer: j-u-s-t-c-a-n'-t
Answer: my taylor :)
Answer: Aaron Tveit♥ soo cute!!
Answer: Jared he has a bit of hair not sure if u can see it...
Answer: still have some éléphant pics
Answer: Bowie doesnt smile alot, which I appreciate
Answer: my l’amour <3
Answer: Jared's troubled eyes
Answer: Matt Bomer, I loved him the moment I began watching...
Answer: what do u think of it???^_^
Answer: Jake and Johnny!
Answer: here is my Robert montrer his fingers.Those are som...
Answer: Q
Answer: Matt Bomer :)