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Answer: Aaron Renfree!
Answer: Agreed!
Answer: my sexy,gorgeous Angel Robert wearing a plain white...
Answer: Manu Bennett.
Answer: actually random. l’amour all RK icones
Answer: Cam is smoking hot in b&w<3
Answer: Carnivàle meets Supernatural
Answer: I know I'm biased,but my baby has the most beautifu...
Answer: one of my fave pics
Answer: Garrett
Answer: god himself
Answer: my baby(in the bottom pic)pointing to the crowd at...
Answer: l’amour their relationship
Answer: my sexy Robert and his soulful eyes looking to the...
Answer: Johnny Depp <33
Answer: gabe
Answer: Well I've no words *_____*
Answer: 3D Cult pic
Answer: Kellan Lutz
Answer: Looking pretty pissed off...
Answer: Black'n'White ROBBO
Answer: Stephen as Oliver.
Answer: my sexy Rob and his sexy arms
Answer: Robbie and Bobby <3333
Answer: smexy Rob
Answer: my Rob in front of green
Answer: Matthew wearing gray while Will Friedle wearing bro...
Answer: Kristen touching my baby's wet hair in this scene f...
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: handsome Tom *-*
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: scott speedman <3
Answer: Colin morgan & Bradley James from Merlin <3
Answer: haha he wears orang quite a lot^^
Answer: my Robster
Answer: <333
Answer: MDR Chris Hemsworth <2
Answer: my American hottie,Paul Walker(R.I.P.)with one of h...
Answer: my sexy Robert Pattinson<3
Answer: Matthew behind bars in the movie called Tales of Da...
Answer: Hugh and Lisa
Answer: my sexy Robert with a crinkled forehead<3
Answer: mine
Answer: sexy beast <3
Answer: <3 Gabe Mann <3
Answer: ^^ haha now it's official - he's a puppy!^^
Answer: CJH
Answer: Nicholas Hoult :)
Answer: this one
Answer: Jensen in a still from "Provenance" (SPN Season 1)...
Answer: awesome Jar
Answer: my love...FOREVER<3
Answer: stop it! :O
Answer: RJ Mitte
Answer: my neat babe
Answer: jude is going to be soo jealous XD
Answer: my boom man
Answer: Kate Winslet sings
Answer: John Barrowman♥ Every picture is perfect to me ;)...
Answer: River Phoenix
Answer: John Barrowman<3
Answer: in Wild Thing - he did a really good job. He was 28...
Answer: DB
Answer: my fav couple! *___*
Answer: My edit.
Answer: My sexy Baby wearing glasses. <333
Answer: Matt Lanter
Answer: Rob the Knob
Answer: Tony with koala clipper
Answer: Kieron Richardson :)
Answer: light on both Robs
Answer: Taylor is 21 and Marie is gorgeous Don't they look...
Answer: David <333
Answer: Jon Kortajarena.
Answer: my colorful Aussie babe,Chris with different couleurs...
Answer: the fifth element :)
Answer: Here comes the smolder / jard & fin rider
Answer: Rob and Indio both very young there! :)
Answer: lovely looking Rob
Answer: my Robert in a white chemise from BD part 2.He is 1 s...
Answer: my baby looking sideways<3
Answer: =)
Answer: Ashton <3
Answer: Bowie toi little trannie, what r u doing xD
Answer: I HAVE NO IDEA!!
Answer: a kinda l’amour this pic <33
Answer: J
Answer: my handsome Robert with his Twilight co-stars from...
Answer: I so l’amour this pic! <33333
Answer: Chace Crawford and his crystal blue eyes<3
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: serious Jared
Answer: Billy - I miss toi
Answer: My Taylor Daniel Lautner!
Answer: Marie Avgeropoulos
Answer: chiot and pretty
Answer: Kellan Lutz
Answer: Matthew and Rider Strong wearing sunglasses. :)
Answer: downster ...-