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Answer: he aged so well *_*
Answer: pretty relaxed
Answer: Zac Efron :)
Answer: Gillen <3
Answer: haha Robbo style! ^^ -I've seen all films there! <...
Answer: he's soooo adorable
Answer: Serious Moonlight Bow
Answer: he looks surreal *_*
Answer: GM
Answer: Justin
Answer: haha kinda weird looking! ^^
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe, he's acted since he was a young c...
Answer: I l’amour my beautiful Robsten FOREVER<3
Answer: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene<3
Answer: I wanted to post another pic, but then I got Lost i...
Answer: haha creepy look Robbo Susan is so pretty! C:
Answer: sorry guys, but toi have to endure Cult pics for a...
Answer: Daniel
Answer: <3
Answer: BC
Answer: here is my Robert lying on a tiled floor<3
Answer: Orlando <3
Answer: Anthony
Answer: credit: lightsoutzombie <33 toi rock girl!!
Answer: my sexy Robert looking over his shoulder<3
Answer: C Waltz
Answer: Garrett's piercing blue eyes<3
Answer: Jamie montrer his sexy Irish veins<3
Answer: Mitch Hewer
Answer: :D Tom Hiddleston
Answer: Bowie for Louis Vuitton
Answer: Anton Yelchin.
Answer: hair perfection<3
Answer: Nemily ftw!!
Answer: Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello
Answer: i l’amour when he dresses like this.
Answer: ROBERT is amazing
Answer: my Bobby ♥
Answer: Does it count?
Answer: Mann *_*
Answer: baby <3
Answer: emmmmm his brain muscle where all the epic stuff co...
Answer: gorgeous
Answer: apart from the animal untamed and wild behaviour, I...
Answer: l’amour his gaze
Answer: I saw this pic of Robert and Taylor(as their Twilig...
Answer: Justin and Kim!
Answer: Dance <3
Answer: Luke Mitchell with sexy blonde hair<3
Answer: Robert Pattinson in a scene from Remember Me on haut, retour au début...
Answer: Chris Pine <3
Answer: Dylan Sprayberry
Answer: my Angel <3
Answer: strict looking!
Answer: Teddy realizing what a monster he is
Answer: he still is, but this was the first pic of Matt gra...
Answer: aww baby
Answer: Matt Bomer :)
Answer: Justin Chatwin <3
Answer: Matt Lanter
Answer: my handsome Aussie montrer his neck<3
Answer: Eddie
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen smoking hot <3
Answer: goofy tony <3
Answer: my endless l’amour - Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Answer: my pretty in jail
Answer: some piece of paper
Answer: my handsome British Angel in white<3
Answer: Andy and Juliet.
Answer: I dunno why, but I've never seen Rob's adams apple....
Answer: Robert lying on haut, retour au début of a car<3
Answer: Jamie Dornan striking a sexy pose<3
Answer: Dougie!
Answer: Teddy collage
Answer: I Am What I Am!
Answer: my handsome darling
Answer: my beautiful god
Answer: gorgeous Garrett<3
Answer: my handsome baby's clean face<3
Answer: Justin Bieber
Answer: Charlie Hunnam in b&w
Answer: Matthew with a ripped knee. <333
Answer: that grey suit and the dark green background fit Ro...
Answer: Spencers jawline *_*
Answer: Jared
Answer: <333333333333
Answer: Since David probably wouldn't even receive an Oscar...
Answer: TW!
Answer: CHRIS
Answer: Rob
Answer: Luke riding a bike<3
Answer: Rob in Sweet Bird of Youth
Answer: here's my gorgeous Robert in a b&w pic looking up<3...
Answer: <3
Answer: my yummy British babe,Robert<3
Answer: Jared vest
Answer: Lucien.
Answer: Mitch hewer putting himself at gun point :P Could...
Answer: they just had their 23rd anniversary
Answer: Kellan looking mighty cute in those glasses<3