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Answer: Billy boy
Answer: David
Answer: oh those sexy British eyes<3
Answer: that boy is porn *_*
Answer: Nate Garner :O
Answer: Twilight~Simpson style<3
Answer: RIP,my American angel<3
Answer: Baptiste :)
Answer: Leo wearing a shirt<3
Answer: hot cutie Chris Colfer<3
Answer: Zac's beautiful teeth<3
Answer: John,Eve,Gareth!
Answer: Bomer timee
Answer: RDJ
Answer: My sexy Matti montrer his boxers. <333
Answer: Captain Jack!
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Kellan in black<3
Answer: JB
Answer: étoile, star Wars MDR
Answer: Bernard Schwartz changed his name to Tony Curtis.
Answer: Keegan Allen<3
Answer: Douglas with stubble<3
Answer: Adam Gregory.
Answer: the duke
Answer: JM
Answer: he looks so freakin evil when he smiles
Answer: Time for hickies, Matt!! :P
Answer: Jaymi and Olly<3
Answer: Bieber:)
Answer: Jammie Dodger.
Answer: watch to 0:35 <3
Answer: Bow
Answer: Douglas is definitely H-O-T<3
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jesse Lee Soffer
Answer: weird question Rob in DC
Answer: Matthew playing with fire. too dangerous to me.
Answer: Conchy XD
Answer: David Tennant!! <3
Answer: :)
Answer: Barrowgill..
Answer: my gorgeous Robert with one hand holding his forehe...
Answer: Justin
Answer: Jamie striking a sexy pose in a tub<3
Answer: Manip of John!
Answer: my Robert in living color with a b&w background<3
Answer: Bowie aint in the mood for talking, dear interviewe...
Answer: my baby in pain after being bitten par Dr.Cullen in...
Answer: there aren´t many vids I can post, because the cop...
Answer: Chris looking past us<3
Answer: lion-haired Rob at a club
Answer: my gorgeous Robert Pattinson...I mean Hottinson<3
Answer: WOWERS!
Answer: Kellan with clouds<3
Answer: Bieber.
Answer: *_*
Answer: RIP,Paul<3
Answer: I would rape my mur
Answer: stupid hat though
Answer: lsdkhj;dhnsdghodmg.,shn
Answer: my handsome Robert with an orange background(which...
Answer: Jamie in underwear<3
Answer: Jamie with nice,wavy hair<3
Answer: Barrowman
Answer: looking mighty fine,Mr.Hottie Hemsworth<3
Answer: Jaymi and Olly<3 (DONT WORRY, AINT FORGETTING BA...
Answer: Jon Kortajarena!
Answer: CC:)
Answer: Iain Glen
Answer: Taylor in a crowd of beautiful(and lucky)ladies<3
Answer: my baby with a white background<3
Answer: my sexylicious Robert<3
Answer: it Suits – Avocats sur Mesure my furniture
Answer: Want weird? Have weird!
Answer: a nice wine in the douche
Answer: Jareds are thin glasses
Answer: jensen :)
Answer: Leo
Answer: Barrowsmile
Answer: Kellan holding a small,tiny dog<3
Answer: Captain Hottness!
Answer: my red Rob riding hood<3
Answer: Jodi would have to be in it
Answer: Ritson
Answer: black
Answer: Boldmans Hair - Boldhair ;)
Answer: DB
Answer: Justin Bieber.
Answer: Andy Biersack<3
Answer: my sexy piano man<3
Answer: Glass Spider- the cooooolest tour
Answer: bacon
Answer: My handsome Matt in B&W <3333
Answer: Bowie and Nine Inch Nails chant Hurt <3 (from 1:0...
Answer: a classic, toi might have heard it from 2:23
Answer: Drew Barrymore on a horse :)
Answer: Robert literally is smokin' hot<3
Answer: Chris Hemsworth!
Answer: my handsome Robert,as Edward Cullen running<3