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Answer: my sexy babe wearing a backwards baseball casquette, cap
Answer: Felton
Answer: DW
Answer: how hilarious is that??
Answer: Tanner Zagarino
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: David with his arctic eye <333
Answer: Colton Haynes <3
Answer: In America for a programme!
Answer: Jamie and Dakota with walls on both sides of them<3...
Answer: Jared capuche, hotte
Answer: John with tousled hair :)
Answer: if it wasn't for those watermarks
Answer: CdM
Answer: Andrew <3
Answer: my sweet
Answer: my baby napping with his baby ;)
Answer: ma babe
Answer: Hot picture of Jude ;)
Answer: Adam Gregory<3
Answer: He's so hot that I've changed his last name from Pa...
Answer: Jared in the dark<3
Answer: Matthew pictured with some of the singers from a co...
Answer: couldn't resist xD
Answer: LETOS
Answer: Robert
Answer: Have a wonderful jour Jason!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Matthew grabbing Brooke Nevin's breasts. MDR
Answer: somewhere in Asia...
Answer: :)
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: Jb
Answer: Kneppers <3
Answer: Dave.
Answer: Noah Mills.
Answer: Ryan Reynolds with his motorcycle
Answer: his mere appearance is bad
Answer: Michael Fassbender
Answer: Derek Hough<3
Answer: Bow rocks his closet!
Answer: Aidan chillin
Answer: BOwieeeeee
Answer: Ben <3
Answer: DT
Answer: My drawing of Joey hugging Donna :)
Answer: Luke is from the UK<3
Answer: Dave
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Paul Walker(made par victoria7011)<3
Answer: Gillen
Answer: Jared
Answer: Jar bear<3
Answer: nahhhhh
Answer: I just want to touch his face. thats all I want fro...
Answer: until the end
Answer: Jeremy's sexy arm veins<3
Answer: John *_*
Answer: <3
Answer: Dimple Barrowman.
Answer: a pic from last year, meaning 66 <3
Answer: Scott's jaw<3
Answer: my babe has been framed I tell ya...XD<3
Answer: Jared
Answer: Jamie looking oh so hot in that suit and sunglasses...
Answer: Jb!
Answer: my latest Nemily vid
Answer: John Barrowman :)
Answer: the pope
Answer: Matt Smith's boots & David Tennant's Converse on Do...
Answer: my sexy babe looking off to the side<3
Answer: Captain Jack<3
Answer: Jar hand
Answer: he's oh so fine (and hot)<3
Answer: Bieber<3
Answer: RJ Mitte
Answer: Gabe
Answer: James Spader
Answer: I adore this picture so much!
Answer: <3
Answer: this beauty of mine
Answer: Benedict..
Answer: Colton!!
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: Stunning!
Answer: Robert looking to the side<3
Answer: Jar Leto
Answer: David Gandy *_*
Answer: mariano di vaio
Answer: Justin *_*
Answer: l’amour
Answer: Colton Haynes *_*
Answer: l’amour it!!!
Answer: John Barrowman with a fan :) Isnt he lovely with fa...
Answer: new Cult poster!!
Answer: smexy Rob
Answer: my idol <3
Answer: Adam
Answer: Jake Abel
Answer: Twilight hottie,Kellan Lutz jumping from a rock for...
Answer: Jared