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Answer: BC
Answer: Justin<33
Answer: Jensen with his daughter JJ which was posté this w...
Answer: whaaaaaaaat
Answer: yeah ... with some ...
Answer: DB
Answer: Chris looking very fine in grey<3
Answer: Jonny Labey
Answer: jb
Answer: Tom Welling on a bed<3
Answer: l’amour the Thin White Duke
Answer: Josh Cuthbert.
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi is French
Answer: Dave <3
Answer: Jamie Dornan<3
Answer: Julian morrisin :3
Answer: Jared
Answer: the lethally talented young actor: Jack Gleeson
Answer: here is my very sexy Robert sitting on the floor<3
Answer: except of the hair, I l’amour this pic <3
Answer: bacon
Answer: l’amour this one
Answer: <3
Answer: Taylor<3
Answer: Jack Derges
Answer: John as Malcolm
Answer: <3 <3 <3
Answer: Bryce Thompson
Answer: I'd say this is pretty HOT,wouldn't you?Yeah,I thou...
Answer: Alexander Ludwig
Answer: David <3
Answer: John Barrowman♥ :)
Answer: only one I have, since... toi know his hair xD
Answer: his live songs are most of the time better than on...
Answer: Aidan
Answer: Rumpelstiltskin!!!! The evil who I adore much bette...
Answer: <3
Answer: my cool rock chic,Kristen in a David Bowie t-shirt<...
Answer: 4 x the hotness<3
Answer: my handsome baby with a slightly red background<3
Answer: Zac in blue<3
Answer: really?you have to put the watermarks on my gorgeou...
Answer: bad boy!
Answer: my sexy and serious Hottinson<3
Answer: my Sweetheart in sweater on set 'Stargate Universe'...
Answer: my Bobby in OUAT when he left alone with his newbor...
Answer: Bobby... ♥♥♥ no need words :)
Answer: my hottie in "Megafault" <333
Answer: since I have only 2 crushes, Rob is younger (54) xD...
Answer: Nick Bateman.
Answer: Bowie
Answer: Jensen (and Misha-man)
Answer: Chris Colfer.
Answer: Chris looking hot in leather<3
Answer: my tempting Theo in b&w<3
Answer: Tarzan Rob holding Jane's hand
Answer: doing a poker face
Answer: Luke Guldan<3
Answer: from Lost Angels, taken from one of the crew yester...
Answer: Dan Ewing<3
Answer: Robert and Kristen with shadows on their faces<3
Answer: Tom F. in white<3
Answer: Stephen as Oliver Queen <3
Answer: Biersack EYES<3
Answer: Jamie in the shower<3
Answer: Dave Franco
Answer: JB from his ALAYLM video<3
Answer: Tom Welling
Answer: MDR robbo - aaaaand his faces xD
Answer: dreamBow
Answer: kendall :)
Answer: Taylor with his younger sister,Makena<3
Answer: Matthew on a clock/watch. :)
Answer: Matt Smith.
Answer: David
Answer: Dave
Answer: my gorgeous man in b&w<3
Answer: Daniel Radcliff
Answer: Alex in a modelling shoot
Answer: Jensen Ackles
Answer: shirtless.....and wet..... mmmm
Answer: seeing my fave couple happy and in l’amour makes me ha...
Answer: sweety <3
Answer: my l’amour
Answer: *sob*
Answer: Arjun Rampal
Answer: Bill Kaulitz
Answer: Went
Answer: Jamie with his hand in his pocket<3
Answer: my handsome baby<3
Answer: Mike<3
Answer: The Thin White Duke
Answer: Matt channeling his inner Elvis for a GQ photoshoot...
Answer: Here
Answer: Luke Treadaway!
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Jeremy Irons
Answer: Robert and Kristen in a lighted gazebo from the Twi...
Answer: ...
Answer: so in l’amour with that new pic there°_°