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Answer: Vince Kidd<333
Answer: Jensen!
Answer: ZACK!!!! *-*
Answer: Jensen Ackles. <33
Answer: Gillen xD
Answer: nemily <3
Answer: Nick Bateman.
Answer: Jb
Answer: SMILE bahsd
Answer: looking at his gorgeous arms
Answer: tommy
Answer: Robert touching his sexy,kissable lips<3
Answer: JP
Answer: Misha is laughing... Well he shouldn't make fun of...
Answer: David Tennant!
Answer: Ian Tracey :D
Answer: god
Answer: da BOMB
Answer: squeek <33
Answer: one of my 2 fave British babes,Theo looking to the...
Answer: Ben ... ♥
Answer: Matthew from California :)
Answer: Matt Pokora
Answer: Downey Rockstar xP
Answer: AIDAN <33333333
Answer: Boo boo Stewart's abs!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: Jeremy Irons
Answer: A close up of Rider <3333333
Answer: Cam is smokin hot whether in color ou in b&w<3
Answer: MDR
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: MishaMan
Answer: lincoln Younes!
Answer: Tim Schou
Answer: I l’amour him forever and ever and ever...
Answer: Jensen Ackles!! Liked him for a few years now..
Answer: my sleeping(British)beauty<3
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: my baby in a scene from Remember Me making a shadow...
Answer: spikey Davie <3
Answer: JOSH sbaddhsa
Answer: Justin<3
Answer: OMG I hate kids too <33333 my soulmate
Answer: Dominic Sherwood.
Answer: Hemsworth is hot in plaid<3
Answer: For rkebfan4ever, Robert :)
Answer: Tim Schou
Answer: my gorgeous baby with his fingers clasped together<...
Answer: Jason Smith ♥ ♥ ♥
Answer: Gary
Answer: J Fiennes
Answer: Jamie looking up<3
Answer: I hate these things...
Answer: I'mma pervert XD
Answer: Dan Stevens
Answer: John<3
Answer: Derek Hough
Answer: Nolan Funk!
Answer: lucky Ems
Answer: Bowie *_*
Answer: my sexy Irish hottie,Jamie in Calvin Klein boxers<3...
Answer: Colton in a collage of plaid<3
Answer: I l’amour this pic of Scott in blue<3
Answer: unluckily Lucky
Answer: Jamie with his hand on his knee<3
Answer: Matt Lanter!
Answer: heartbreaking......
Answer: Conchy
Answer: my beanie baby<3
Answer: Harry Lloyd <3333333333
Answer: l’amour my psycho
Answer: Montgomery Clift
Answer: gorgeous babe with stubble<3
Answer: Davie
Answer: Chris Hemsworth with sky behind him<3
Answer: I l’amour my baby's laugh.There is no better sound in...
Answer: Jared and some livres in the background
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: British man ear candy<3
Answer: Matthew as Jack in a blurry picture. :)
Answer: my handsome British hottie looking forward<3
Answer: Bowking
Answer: looking back
Answer: Toni Mahfud
Answer: Giulio Berruti
Answer: Jensen.
Answer: Karl in a light blue denim shirt<3
Answer: David Bowie
Answer: CB
Answer: Joaquin Phoenix <3
Answer: adorable Bow
Answer: my sexy Robert,as Edward Cullen from New Moon with...
Answer: THANK toi DAVE!!
Answer: my crazy,sexy baby<3
Answer: Bowser
Answer: Justin and fans.
Answer: literal million dollar smile
Answer: Captain Jack.
Answer: Brandon Jones
Answer: Ziggy Stardust