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Answer: Dominic Sherwood.
Answer: my baddie
Answer: Kellan wearing a belt<3
Answer: my scrunchy faced Irish hottie<3
Answer: young Taylor doing a handstand,one-handed:)
Answer: Mark Medlock.
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Chace photoshoot<3
Answer: my golden eyed vampire with or contacts<3
Answer: sexy shirtless Ryan<3
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: Colton looking shocked<3
Answer: Bieber
Answer: I'll give toi a hug and anything else toi want ou n...
Answer: rob is so cute . but jude looks so ...well ... kind...
Answer: Pierson Fode
Answer: Shayne!
Answer: Josh Henderson.
Answer: Ryan Kwanten in a tank top<3
Answer: WOOOW
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz...tanned and tantalizin...
Answer: David Tennant!
Answer: Efron has some very nice abs<3
Answer: Matt Pokora
Answer: my sexy babe montrer a little bit of his sexy hair<...
Answer: My Tired Babe.
Answer: Daniel and Emma<3
Answer: Chris's sexy eyebrows<3
Answer: Jamie wearing jewellary<3
Answer: Taylor Lautner with a fork<3
Answer: he knows it ;)
Answer: JD<3
Answer: Colton with blood...awww poor babe<3
Answer: Billy Z looking at us<3
Answer: Hawkeye
Answer: I like my beautiful Robert's co-star,Kellan Lutz<3
Answer: Matthew Lawrence!! Woooo <3
Answer: Jamie looking to the side<3
Answer: Colton Haynes.
Answer: Leo's lovely blue eyes<3
Answer: my handsome man in a shirt<3
Answer: Justin Bieber who has acted before :)
Answer: Haynes
Answer: Justin Bieber in a polka dot jacket<3
Answer: Colton Baby!
Answer: Luke Mitchell.
Answer: josh <3
Answer: Paul montrer some toes<3
Answer: Tom in black<3
Answer: Lucas Medeiros.
Answer: my blonde haired Aussie hottie,Chris Hemsworth<3
Answer: A stunning human being!
Answer: Edward and Bella with some of the lyrics to A Thous...
Answer: go Rob
Answer: simon neil
Answer: Jensen.
Answer: Zack ...
Answer: Zac in a vest<3
Answer: my gorgeous,best dressed British hotty<3
Answer: my gorgeous blonde haired Aussie<3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: Jamie in a street<3
Answer: I have cœur, coeur shaped sunglasses too,just like my han...
Answer: Orlando wearing a jumper<3
Answer: Harry Treadaway!!
Answer: Kellan wearing a chemise and veste with buttons<3
Answer: Bill
Answer: Cody Simpson!
Answer: DB chant Fame<3
Answer: my red hot British babe with a red background<3
Answer: Hiddles.
Answer: he doesn´t need manips to look scary
Answer: Aaron Diaz
Answer: my sexy Robert in a scene from Water for Elephants,...
Answer: JA
Answer: Leo Gordon best known from "Maverick" and "My Name...
Answer: Nick Bateman!
Answer: my lovely K Stew<3
Answer: jack falahee
Answer: Jude with sky behind him<3
Answer: Aaron Diaz
Answer: Kaulitz
Answer: Jamie leaning against a wall<3
Answer: RJ
Answer: Chris Hemsworth(between Chris Evans and Mark Ruffal...
Answer: jack falahee
Answer: this is 1 of Nick Zano's tattoos<3
Answer: Justin and Jaxon.
Answer: John having fun with some buns XD
Answer: Lucas Medeiros
Answer: I can never get enough of his smile<3
Answer: Vince Kidd<3
Answer: MDR ride a bike like Downey
Answer: Simon Neil
Answer: Josh Hutcherson from the side<3
Answer: Kevin looking up<3
Answer: l’amour it
Answer: Kellan looking up<3
Answer: Transporter 3 is quite good, although Rob is plus o...